Sunday, September 30, 2007

yeah yeah yeah, I know this has nothing to do with Interior Design but blah blah blah guess what, shit happens! and today I'd rather talk about my love life (in sort of generic terms)
You see the whole cowboy concept is really just a state of mind nowadays - and for some dumb reason I'm addicted to this type of man. I can't help myself, unfortunately.

Cowboys ain't easy to love and they're harder to hold.
They'd rather give you a song than diamonds or gold.
Lonestar belt buckles and old faded levis, And each night begins a new day.
If you don't understand him, an' he don't die young, He'll prob'ly just ride away.
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
Don't let 'em pick guitars or drive them old trucks.
Let 'em be doctors and lawyers and such.
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. 'Cos they'll never stay home and they're always alone. Even with someone they love.
Cowboys like smokey old pool rooms and clear mountain mornings, Little warm puppies and children and girls of the night.
Them that don't know him won't like him and them that do, Sometimes won't know how to take him.
He ain't wrong, he's just different but his pride won't let him, Do things to make you think he's right.
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
'Cos they'll never stay home and they're always alone.
Even with someone they love.
These old boots still got a lot of ground they ain’t covered yet
There’s at least another million miles under these old bus treads
So if you think I’m gonnna settle down I‘ve got news for you
I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do
And as long as there’s a song Left in this old guitar
This life I’m bound to lead Ain’t for the faint of heart
So you won’t fall for me if you know what’s good for you ‘cause I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do
I guess the Lord made me hard to handle
So lovin’ me might be a long shot gamble
So before you go and turn me on Be sure that you can turn me loose ‘cause I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do
Girl, you look like you might be an angel So I won’t lie
I could love you like the devil if you wanted me to tonight
And we could talk about forever for a day or two
But I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do
I guess the Lord made me hard to handle So lovin’ me might be a long shot gamble
So before you go and turn me on Be sure that you can turn me loose
‘cause I still got a lot of leavin’ left to do
I don't know why I act the way I do Like I ain't got a single thing to lose
Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy - I guess that's just the cowboy in me
I got a life that most would love to have But sometimes I still wake up fightin' mad at where this road I'm heading down might lead - I guess that's just the cowboy in me
The urge to run,
the restlessness
The heart of stone I sometimes get
The things I've done for foolish pride
The me that's never satisfied
The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see - I guess that's just the cowboy in me
Girl I know there's times you must have thought There ain't a line you've drawn I haven't crossed
But you set your mind to see this love on through I guess that's just the cowboy in you
We ride and never worry about the fall I guess that's just the cowboy in us all
Ok, so if you've never read the Satorialist you are serioulsy missing out! Here are some of my favs:

Nothing like ladies in red dresses ya'll:
These next two I love for obvious reasons - sucker for a ginger I am and dear God could he be more beautiful, I think not!And this last one, oh if only I were a stunning black girl - I would totally rock a fro - just like this beauty:
More Ways to Waste Time posted this fabulous photo several weeks ago that I really enjoy, read her fabulous blog here.

I heart Sundays - I mean really, this is truly a day of rest. After an exhausting night out on the town with my peeps Friday, a not-so good night's sleep Friday night, a blah day at work on Saturday (sold two funky chairs!) and then a decadent 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night, there really is nothing better than spending half the day in bed: in a t-shirt and boy shorts, blinds open - the sights of the farm around me pouring in, exploring my favourite blogs, writing e-mails, checking myspace, finding new favourite blogs, reading poetry, chatting on the phone (just found out my niece is on her way to come see me, YIPPEEEE), reading my new domino, altogether relaxing . . .nothing better. My momma would say I should be in church right now, but truly - this is my religion and this is how I choose to pay my respects to the creator, just as I personally believe he intended.

Its not that I'm feeling uninspired today, its just that another blogger was spot on:

Happy Sunday!!!!!

Notice any similarities? It appears that Brad Pitt is a fan of architectural photographer, Julius Shulman. Shulman is best know for defining the image of the mid-century modern California home. In particular, his photograph Case Study #21 (top photo) is a portrait of suburban life within the context of 1950's design.The writers at Goldenfiddle speculate as to how the idea for the infamous, July 2005 W Magazine photo spread, "Domestic Bliss" came to be. The 60 page essay, featuring the newly anointed "Brangelina" was conceptualized by Pitt and photographed by Steven Klein.
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I love my Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need a vacation something desperate!!!!!(or at the very least a good glass of wine!)

Ahhhhh! so finally someone gets it! Here's a tid bit from the editor's letter in this month's Domino:

"Everybody always rags on their contractor for disappearing, missing deadlines or forgetting to order stuff. Then the contractor - when he reappears - blaming the plumber, the decorator or the cabinetmaker. It's one big finger-pointing game. But about six months ago, when my husband and I were in the middles of a major renovation of our Dutch Colonial in upstate New York, I realized it wasn't one of those workers who was at fault - it was me. I was the irresponsible, indecisive client who kept changing her mind, stalling, burying her head in the sand and then calling periodically and asking if everything was okay - in a contrived cheery voice."

Here's the thing - this ALWAYS happens. It is inevitable that at some point in the design process the client will change his or her mind. They'll want to make last minute changes, they'll want to nag about when something is going to be finished or why a subcontractor did something the way he did. I understand all of this, I truly do. When you're putting your hard earned money and time into creating a new space, you want everything to be perfect and on time, but at some point you have to realize that you chose the people you chose to work with for a reason. If you don't trust them - GET OUT AND FIND SOMEONE YOU DO! But if you do trust them, LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS!!!!!!!
I was very rudely yelled at today by a receptionist at an office building that I'm working on. She couldn't possibly allow me into the building to look at doors from the hallway (God and H.I.P.P.A. apparently prohibit such things). Not only could she not let me in but she also couldn't be nice about asking me to wait for the office manager that I had an appointment with to tour the building. At this moment I understood in an instant why they put a glass screen between the patients and receptionists at Doctor's offices because I wanted to climb over the desk and beat some silly sense into the woman, honestly! But truly, this story does have a point. My job isn't the easiest. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, I have a fabulous job, but at the same time clients have to understand - especially commercial clients - that things NEVER go as planned. There will be changes, there will be hiccups but if you trust me, allow me the time and space to do my job (w/o inconveniences such as missed appointments) then I, along with my trusted team of subcontractors and colleagues, within the budget and timeline allowed create a beautiful, versatile, functional and altogether fabulous space that you came to me for in the beginning.

So speaking of fabulous spaces - just fell in love with this palace/hotel in India - oh I wish I was planning a honeymoon or romantic vacation of some sort! Thanks Rang-Decor! I'm inspired and want to go to India now more than ever before!

Friday, September 14, 2007

ooooo - At West End!
Ok, so if you're not familiar with this company you're seriously missing out: I got their new catalog yesterday - the culinary edition, and I just can't tell you how excited I am about the nifty things I'm gonna buy - take a look and visit their website when you get a chance, you won't be disappointed.bling bling betty: would look ever so cute on my tiffany blue vanity!

the only problem with the cafe sign is that I'd have to get rid of the MANGA sign and I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to do that yet - LOVE the coppery letters though, oooh I have a client that's doing copper accents in her Provence inspired kitchen so maybe instead of cafe something like. . .thyme? could be cute!

precious towel rack for the shabby chic bathroom

I actually think the sardine clock would look best outside, front porch maybe - oh so witty and unexpected!

FINALLY - the solution to my hanging wire basket in the kitchen, wonderfully wooden lemons and limes my "must have" and the very first purchase I think!

Capiz is SO "in" right now, it almost makes me second guess this gorgeous windchime, ALMOST!

Fire Pit BABY! So my big project for this summer that has now turned into the super big project for next summer - constructing a patio off the back of the house - so I'll have this adorable fire pit surrounded by 4 RED adirondack chairs - so much fun.

Which candelabra do I buy?
decisions decisions

so since I've broken all of my wine glasses now (don't ask - the last one's the only one I broke intentionally, i promise) I need new ones!
Honestly, are these not the most amazing things you've seen EVER? sooo cute, its too bad I only have 1 kitchen.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Fisherman's Cottage

Every once in a great while in this mundane world of retail I just "click" with someone. Its this amazing moment when the person standing in front of me becomes a client instead of just a mere customer trying to buy a sofa from a mediocre salesperson. I'm horrible at selling, always have been, the only reason I've ever been successful at it is because I get so damn excited about good design and people love that.

So I've been working with this amazing lady for a few weeks now. Her and her husband have just bought their retirement home - an 1890's fisherman's cottage in historic Beaufort, NC. I'm honestly head over heels in love with what we're doing. To begin with she (like myself) has this love-hate relationship with Potterybarn. I mean how could you not? When they first came on the scene it was like a breath of fresh air. And still, when I get their catalogs I always manage to breathe a sigh of relief that finally there is a mainstream design outlet out there that is truly a departure from the "Southern Living" look - gag me! But at the same time, if one more person walks into my store and asks for the same damn Lawson sofa in beige for their builder beige cookie cutter house and says "you know, I'm lookin' for that Potterybarn feel" I swear I will just scream or quit and go work for potterybarn the jury's still out on that one. So anyway, the whole house is soooo that look, but in a good sincere sort of way - we've got nautical (but not literal nautical), we've got maps (but they're actually vintage), we've got shutters (but they've been there since the 1930's ), we've got distressed woods throughout (but this is no faux finish). And to top it all off - guess what! she's got a nosy neighbor who looks in her windows when no one is home too! But who wouldn't right? So here's your sneak peak into the look Mrs. S and I are going for, very Potterybarn but the very real version. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thanks to "desire to inspire" blog: love love love it!
I really don't know if everyone out there realizes how lavishly decadent I feel on my days off. There's just something about staying in bed until - what time is it? 12:13 pm - drinking cup after cup of coffee, working (both for myself and the job that pays the bills), designing, and having the sincere pleasure of sitting down with only the occasional interuption of clients calling and just writing/typing my thoughts. It really is a fabulous day. Of course I need to be cleaning, I need to be weeding my flower beds, I need to get up and shower, but you know what, I think I'll put that off for awhile longer. Why not?

This morning I while doing my usual stroll through the internet world, I came across several new posts from my favourite bloggers and thought "instead of actually making myself do all the work on my day off, I'll just foward you to them" - sounds like a plan so I'm running with it. Enjoy! - Indian Inspired Interior Design - what could be better? I'm not really sure.

An ode to the greatest designer of our time: Miles Redd - This blog is written by an Interior Designer in Australia and its typically short and sweet with very girly pictures to make you drool. You're gonna love it!

AHHHH - the inspiration that is Orangette - I'm continually amazed at this girl, so you HAVE to check her out, and continuously too, don't make it just a one time thing ya'll. She's amazing, so don't miss out! Today the post is about tomatoes, and I've got to tell you my mouth is watering at
the very thought of vine ripened tomatoey redness covered in lushious olive tapenade. Yummy!

And then there's the creative blogs - oh dear me. I sooooo understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the massive array of uncompleted projects, staring you down at every corner. Such is life. I am my mother's daughter that is for sure. Nevertheless, just knowing that someone understands how it feels and that it has to get worse before it gets better is indeed a comfort. So check out this blog and then run out and get Martha Stewart's Living magazine - September issue - for her outrageously decadent new craft room. "To be able to leave unfinished projects out is a dream," says Martha "Never having to put things away is a luxury" I couldn't agree more!!!!!
So hopefully, everyone reading this has taken a break from work and is enjoying these websites, getting a bit hungry, and more than a little inspired.
Have a lovely day!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

"I'm leaving everything behind, there's not much that I need cause If I ain't got nothingI'm footloose and fancy free"

So I'm reading this book my mom gave me: Simple Abundance - little daily meditations on various aspects of life. Generally speaking, I quite like the book but this morning's entry was to do with work. Now, why on a Sunday holiday weekend, would I want to think about work (bravo author!)? And furthermore, why do I have such a negative outlook on the subject lately? Its simple - I'm dis-enchanted because I really thought when I began a career in Interior Design that things were going to be different because I was going to be working doing something I love, which would never really feel like work. Oh if only reality lived up to my imagination! I've thought about this alot over the last couple of days - especially in the midst of trying to hire a junior designer/assistant and interviewing candidates from the local design school. Oh to be naive again! They truly believe that they're going to graduate and have the job of their dreams waiting for them the second they've thrown their mortarboards - if only this were true. The reality of the Interior Design profession is that it is a strange mix of science and art, which puts you in a wierd and strange position with regards to work. You need to make money to sustain your fabulous tastes, but you also need a creative outlet to make breathing worthwile. Tough stuff this is.

We all have to work though, its a necessary evil so to speak, but just think about how lovely life would be if all of us did exactly what sort of work we wanted to do. So if there are people crazy enough out there to believe in communism, which works I guess IN THEORY, then why has no one yet proposed this idea of everyone just doing what they want (I mean other than hippies of course)? When you really begin to think about it, you realize it truly is a religious concept: we all have a purpose, a calling, a place in the sun, a talent, a method, a way of doing things. There actually are people out there who enjoy things like accounting. I know I know it sounds crazy but these people exist, they truly do. sidenote: why is my coffee maker not doing IT'S job today? I guess, like communism, this ideal would only work in theory because there are always going to be the neccessary jobs that people just aren't willing to pay for. But you know what, what's so wrong with not being greedy - just being happy with what you've got? In the mid 1500's the artist Pieter Bruegel made a study of peasant life. You really have to look at these paintings closely and realize how fabulously happy these people who have nothing tend to be. When you have very little and for whatever reason you're blessed with a little something extra - it becomes a magical gift. I tend to think that if we could all live our lives (aesthetically beautiful ones at that) by the princial that enough is enough, we would be much happier with what we have.

This is where my fanciful obsession with country music comes in: "I'm down to my last dollar I've walked right though my shoes just a small reminder of the hell that I've gone through, but look at me still smiling as I'm wondering what I'll do since I ain't got nothing I've got nothing to lose". (cheers! Tim McGraw). If we took Tim's advice and lived happy with what we have like Bruegel's peasansts, forget communisim - MY theory would work.

Have a beautiful Sunday - enjoy the possessions that your hard work has earned you, but most importantly; relish the people in your life that you haven't had to earn, but rather been blessed with. Ciao!

"One, two, three like a bird I sing cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings, I'm so glad you're here todayCause tomorrow I might have to go and fly away"