Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need a vacation something desperate!!!!!(or at the very least a good glass of wine!)

Ahhhhh! so finally someone gets it! Here's a tid bit from the editor's letter in this month's Domino:

"Everybody always rags on their contractor for disappearing, missing deadlines or forgetting to order stuff. Then the contractor - when he reappears - blaming the plumber, the decorator or the cabinetmaker. It's one big finger-pointing game. But about six months ago, when my husband and I were in the middles of a major renovation of our Dutch Colonial in upstate New York, I realized it wasn't one of those workers who was at fault - it was me. I was the irresponsible, indecisive client who kept changing her mind, stalling, burying her head in the sand and then calling periodically and asking if everything was okay - in a contrived cheery voice."

Here's the thing - this ALWAYS happens. It is inevitable that at some point in the design process the client will change his or her mind. They'll want to make last minute changes, they'll want to nag about when something is going to be finished or why a subcontractor did something the way he did. I understand all of this, I truly do. When you're putting your hard earned money and time into creating a new space, you want everything to be perfect and on time, but at some point you have to realize that you chose the people you chose to work with for a reason. If you don't trust them - GET OUT AND FIND SOMEONE YOU DO! But if you do trust them, LEAVE THEM ALONE AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS!!!!!!!
I was very rudely yelled at today by a receptionist at an office building that I'm working on. She couldn't possibly allow me into the building to look at doors from the hallway (God and H.I.P.P.A. apparently prohibit such things). Not only could she not let me in but she also couldn't be nice about asking me to wait for the office manager that I had an appointment with to tour the building. At this moment I understood in an instant why they put a glass screen between the patients and receptionists at Doctor's offices because I wanted to climb over the desk and beat some silly sense into the woman, honestly! But truly, this story does have a point. My job isn't the easiest. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, I have a fabulous job, but at the same time clients have to understand - especially commercial clients - that things NEVER go as planned. There will be changes, there will be hiccups but if you trust me, allow me the time and space to do my job (w/o inconveniences such as missed appointments) then I, along with my trusted team of subcontractors and colleagues, within the budget and timeline allowed create a beautiful, versatile, functional and altogether fabulous space that you came to me for in the beginning.

So speaking of fabulous spaces - just fell in love with this palace/hotel in India - oh I wish I was planning a honeymoon or romantic vacation of some sort! Thanks Rang-Decor! I'm inspired and want to go to India now more than ever before!

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