Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Ya'll!!! - Updated!
Urban Word of the Day-October 31: boo
1. Boyfriend or girlfriend
2. Word used to scare people
1. Can you handle me? If you can't, you ain't gonna be my boo.
2. Guy: BOO! Guy 2: Holy sh*t!
for more spoooooky Halloween ideas visit Martha Stewart Living

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reasons Why. . .the new obsession:
I'm in love with Pandora. If ya'll don't know what this is, you have seriously missed the boat. No worries, I actually just caught up to the boat about a week ago. Basically you type in a musical artist and it creates an endless radio station just suited perfectly for you with similar musicians. It's pure perfection I tell you. FREE!

According to Kelley once you've used it for awhile it will create a unique radio station with all your varying genres. I'm not really sure I would be as excited over a Nickel Creek, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Avett Brothers, Beatles, Alicia Keys, Lily Allen station. Actually its sort of weird come to think of it. Wow my taste in music is absurdly obnoxious! Anyway, check it!:
Reasons Why - Nickel Creek:
Where am I today?
I wish that I knew
'Cause looking around there's no sign of you
I don't remember one jump or one leap
Just quiet steps away from your lead
I'm holding my heart out but clutching it too
Feeling this short of a love that we once knew

I'm calling this home when it's not even close
Playing the role with nerves left exposed
Standing on a darkened stage,
stumbling through the lines

Others have excuses,
but I have my reasons why
We get distracted by dreams of our own
But nobody's happy while feeling alone
And knowing how hard it hurts when we fall
We lean another ladder against the wrong wall
And climb high to the highest rung,
to shake fists at the sky

While others have excuses,
I have my reasons why

With so much deception it's hard not to wander away
It's hard not to wander away

P to the S - Today's photos are from the most perfect Kate I know, hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Mornin'!
Yep, its Monday again. Hope ya'll had a simply wonderful weekend. Here's a picture from the files to get the week started off beautifully:
(nope, of course I don't know where it came from -other than that 'fabulous picture' folder of my computer. If you know, clue us in!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sew What...hanging by a thread
So sorry for not posting my promised post yesterday. . .as I was told yesterday morning "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Hopefully I was missed, although, I actually don't believe that little saying is true anymore - really absence just keeps the annoying things someone does at bay, so you remember the lovely aspects instead. That's a whoooooole other story and not really one I'm prepared to share at the moment. Instead, I'd like to share what I'm sewing today.
First things first, I have to make this costume for Friday night's Avett Brother's concert less scandalous:
Second. Momma brought me this lovely little bench several months ago that she had decided not to use anymore:
It sits in the living room but all of my furniture in there is quite well hmm "leggy" (yes, as a matter of fact that is the Interior Designer's technical word). So I'm thinking of adding a skirt to the bottom out of this fabric:
Third. I don't have window treatments on any of my windows in the apartment. Typically I would think such a thing could be labeled a tragedy, however, the windows in this apartment frame such an amazing view of the city outside that I really don't ever like to cover them. I hardly ever even pull down the blinds.
My kitchen is tiny though. This particular room needs something. As of right now - these little tid-bits are the main focus:
So I'm going to make a cute little cafe curtain out of this fabulous fabric, trimmed in this fabulous ribbon:
for this cute little window:
I think it will make for better lighting and less glare the next time I'm photographing my fried green tomatoes:
Fourth. When Momma brought me the lovely desk she refinished for her favourite daughter, she also brought me this chair:
Note: I don't try to put the cat in every picture, he just somehow happens to scheme himself in.
I'm not quite sure yet what I'm going to do with the cushion, must do something. The chair needs to be painted first though. I hate nutwood - those tiny little specks in it drive me crazy. God was having an off day when he created that species I believe.
Maybe this fabric would work:
Fifth. Last weekend I started on the 'sort-of' headboard. Its still not finished. I've lost/misplaced these precious little door knobs that happen to be the finishing touches:
Must find them soon.
The duvet is currently white. But soon it will be covered in this:
I need to frame these glorious Annie photographs as well:
I've bought black floating frames for them so I'm going to girly them up with wallpaper mattes and then paint these frames black so they all fit nicely together in the Master Bedroom:
Sixth. Have I mentioned yet how wonderful my Momma is? Maybe once or twice now, but that fact comes up again, because she created this lovely little skirt for my sink in the bathroom:
Now my current decor needs to be coordinated with the skirt:
So I'm going to sew a bit of trim onto these pretty little pale purple hand towels:
Maybe the green trim from this fabric store grab bag?:
Seventh. The Alley Cat's bedroom needs a bit of help. Currently this is the scheme:
I have a perfectly pretty chenille bedspread that I've had since college:
Well, you can imagine it has taken some abuse. So I'm going to applique' patch it with this fabric:
The other fabric strewn about the bed is actually Urban Outfitter's dish towels that are going to make gracefully fun little pillows for the bed. Such a precious little room for this ferocious little guy:
So as you can see I'm truly quite busy. Pandora Radio, Allouiscious, and I are off to the sewing machine now. . .I'll leave you with these words from Nickel Creek:
There's a kind of emptiness that can fill you
There's a kind of hunger that can eat you up
There's a cold and darker side of the moonlight
And there's a lonely side of love
With you here Baby I am strong
No sign of weakness
With you gone Baby I am hanging by a thread
There's a certain kind of pain that can numb you
There's a type of freedom that can tie you down
Sometimes the unexplained can define you
And sometimes the silence is the only sound
With you gone Baby I am hanging by a thread
Have a perfect weekend! Go love on somebody special, eat some ice cream, watch The Duchess, hug a kitten, read a blog, buy some etsy fabulousness, drink some coffee, remember that everything happens for a reason, create something cute, and most importantly: come back and see me soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today: I've got a fabulous post prepared for you but it is going to have to wait until tonight or tomorrow. Ahhhh Saturdays, I love them ever so much! Today, however, is still the focus for now. I must get through the work day and then on to see this tonight:
I'm ever so excited about this. If you know me, you know that the reason has entirely to do with this place:
Chatsworth is one of the homes I studied while at the University of York and I have to be honest with you, from pictures, when I first began researching it, I abhorred this home. Ghastly overdone I thought it was. Until, that fateful day (insert swoon here) where our bus travelled to Derbyshire and at the moment we crossed the bridge to enter, I instantly fell in love like I never had before. Hello! - the windows are trimmed in GOLD! How could I not love it?
I did try and read the book that the film is based on this summer, unfortunately I didn't stick with it long enough to get to the good stuff (i.e. the part where the Duchess aka Georgiana Spencer Cavendish's husband starts having an affair with her bff) so I was bored to tears. I will finish it eventually one day. For now though, I'll have to settle on the film. Will let you know what I think, as always!
Note: I would be even more excited if the film's producers had chosen this Fiennes bro. to play the Duke:
In the mean time, check out this blog for more about the house and this lovely lady:
See ya'll tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Darn Good
I actually haven't been half bad at my attempts to write regularly this week, now have I? So while I'm patting myself on the back, you take a peak at this set of pictures my bff Kaitlan took of her little one enjoying a recent art installation - heart it (especially grandma's facial expression in the last one)!

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crabtree and Evelyn's India Hicks Collection - Island Night Scented Candle.
Isn't it divine?
Too bad I have trouble spending $42 on a candle that my cat is just going to find some method of destroying.
Today Will Be Better I Swear!

When you can't get up to the cold morning light
But you don't get to sleep in [still dreaming]

And everybody only wants to fight
You're up against never being right

When the worries of the world hold your feet
And there's little left to believe in
Today is going to be a better one
There's nothing more to take in
That's going wrong

Old pale memories of someone you knew
Keep crawling through the back of your mind [stealing time]

In the daylight you're crossing all your wires
You never knew just how to put out a fire

The closet's been shaking with bones
Little reminders that you're out on your own
Today is going to be a better one
There's nothing more to take in
That's going wrong

Today keep your head and drop the gun
There's nothing more to battle when you're gone

Walk on

The song lyrics must be credited to the stars, but unfotunately the photo creds. have been lost somewhere in my computer, if you know who's photograph it is, please help me give props to the source! Cheers!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Week
The next few weeks are going to be pretty darn hectic so I'm not making any promises to write alot, but here's some Monday morning eye candy just for you!
Hope to see ya again soon!
Photo: Miles Redd

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New fabric faves at repro depot. Check um out!: