Monday, May 04, 2009

fAvOuRitE aRt: part 4
My dear Claude Monet, he is certainly a cliche now, but this piece isn't so I'll throw it in. Of all the pieces I've seen in the best museums in Europe, this was one of the most captivating. It is absolutely huge to begin with (I'd guess 8'x12') and the detail is extraordinary. So let your eyes feast and if you're ever in Paris visit Monet's lovely ladies at the Musee d'Orsay.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Modern Electronica
(fabulous picture found here)
My DVD player has broken, my big old black tv is an eye-sore and my computer could go at absolutely any moment. So no, it is not like me to do a post about electronics, but its what's on my mind so forgive me my current indulgences:
Flat Screen TV/DVD combo from here: $208
However, would it be wrong for me to just go with the Pink TV (seams much more my style) from Target of course: $299.99
In all seriousness, I think its going to have to be a white TV after all. How about this one? $279.99 also from Target:
Computers, well perhaps this one would do-Cosmopolitan Pink from Sony and Best Buy $799:
While I'm dreaming, I'd also like one of these: $119.95 (from here)
Of course one of these as well: $149 (from Apple of course)
And finally, the digital camera is a must and I think this cute little guy in Tiffany Blue is just wonderful $229.99 (from here):
Okay so my grand total comes to = $1577.93 Not bad eh? Got to run off a get a second job now, be back soon! J/K!!!
Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun Friday Furniture (from Etsy of course!)
Friday's are fabulous aren't they? Here's some fantastic furnishings to make your week end on a wonderful note. Like in most things, my tastes are very scattered so some are modern, and others verrrry traditional. Whatever your personal aesthetic is, I hope you enjoy!
French Writing Desk from LeShab $575:
Steel Side Table from Coresthetic $525:
Antique White Chair from Vintage Chic $475:

Blue Pouf/Ottoman from Atelier Afra $395:

Stacked Plywood Modern Nesting Tables from MichaelFlynn $285: (this guy is really talented ya'll, beautiful pieces!)
Ooh La La Chair from YiaYias $345:
Industrial Funky Metal Stand by Old Crow Farm $65: (you must check out this shop-especially the little yellow drawers=such perfection)
Hot Pink and Zebra Vintage Stool from Fabulous Mess $50: (I've had this favourited for a looooong time)
Set of 2 Metal Patio Chairs from the Vintage Supply Company $500:
While we're discussing Etsy furniture resources, I just had to take the opportunity to share the gorgeous work of Shann Spishak. Lovely paintings featuring gorgeous furniture. I'm sure you'll heart them just as much as I do. (the painting at the top of the post is her's as well-I think I MUST have it, don't you?)
Have a simply wonderful end to what I hope has been a divine week!
Love Always,