Sunday, September 02, 2007

"I'm leaving everything behind, there's not much that I need cause If I ain't got nothingI'm footloose and fancy free"

So I'm reading this book my mom gave me: Simple Abundance - little daily meditations on various aspects of life. Generally speaking, I quite like the book but this morning's entry was to do with work. Now, why on a Sunday holiday weekend, would I want to think about work (bravo author!)? And furthermore, why do I have such a negative outlook on the subject lately? Its simple - I'm dis-enchanted because I really thought when I began a career in Interior Design that things were going to be different because I was going to be working doing something I love, which would never really feel like work. Oh if only reality lived up to my imagination! I've thought about this alot over the last couple of days - especially in the midst of trying to hire a junior designer/assistant and interviewing candidates from the local design school. Oh to be naive again! They truly believe that they're going to graduate and have the job of their dreams waiting for them the second they've thrown their mortarboards - if only this were true. The reality of the Interior Design profession is that it is a strange mix of science and art, which puts you in a wierd and strange position with regards to work. You need to make money to sustain your fabulous tastes, but you also need a creative outlet to make breathing worthwile. Tough stuff this is.

We all have to work though, its a necessary evil so to speak, but just think about how lovely life would be if all of us did exactly what sort of work we wanted to do. So if there are people crazy enough out there to believe in communism, which works I guess IN THEORY, then why has no one yet proposed this idea of everyone just doing what they want (I mean other than hippies of course)? When you really begin to think about it, you realize it truly is a religious concept: we all have a purpose, a calling, a place in the sun, a talent, a method, a way of doing things. There actually are people out there who enjoy things like accounting. I know I know it sounds crazy but these people exist, they truly do. sidenote: why is my coffee maker not doing IT'S job today? I guess, like communism, this ideal would only work in theory because there are always going to be the neccessary jobs that people just aren't willing to pay for. But you know what, what's so wrong with not being greedy - just being happy with what you've got? In the mid 1500's the artist Pieter Bruegel made a study of peasant life. You really have to look at these paintings closely and realize how fabulously happy these people who have nothing tend to be. When you have very little and for whatever reason you're blessed with a little something extra - it becomes a magical gift. I tend to think that if we could all live our lives (aesthetically beautiful ones at that) by the princial that enough is enough, we would be much happier with what we have.

This is where my fanciful obsession with country music comes in: "I'm down to my last dollar I've walked right though my shoes just a small reminder of the hell that I've gone through, but look at me still smiling as I'm wondering what I'll do since I ain't got nothing I've got nothing to lose". (cheers! Tim McGraw). If we took Tim's advice and lived happy with what we have like Bruegel's peasansts, forget communisim - MY theory would work.

Have a beautiful Sunday - enjoy the possessions that your hard work has earned you, but most importantly; relish the people in your life that you haven't had to earn, but rather been blessed with. Ciao!

"One, two, three like a bird I sing cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings, I'm so glad you're here todayCause tomorrow I might have to go and fly away"

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