Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I really don't know if everyone out there realizes how lavishly decadent I feel on my days off. There's just something about staying in bed until - what time is it? 12:13 pm - drinking cup after cup of coffee, working (both for myself and the job that pays the bills), designing, and having the sincere pleasure of sitting down with only the occasional interuption of clients calling and just writing/typing my thoughts. It really is a fabulous day. Of course I need to be cleaning, I need to be weeding my flower beds, I need to get up and shower, but you know what, I think I'll put that off for awhile longer. Why not?

This morning I while doing my usual stroll through the internet world, I came across several new posts from my favourite bloggers and thought "instead of actually making myself do all the work on my day off, I'll just foward you to them" - sounds like a plan so I'm running with it. Enjoy!

http://www.rangdecor.blogspot.com/ - Indian Inspired Interior Design - what could be better? I'm not really sure.

An ode to the greatest designer of our time: Miles Redd - http://www.absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com/ This blog is written by an Interior Designer in Australia and its typically short and sweet with very girly pictures to make you drool. You're gonna love it!

AHHHH - the inspiration that is Orangette - I'm continually amazed at this girl, so you HAVE to check her out, and continuously too, don't make it just a one time thing ya'll. She's amazing, so don't miss out! http://orangette.blogspot.com/ Today the post is about tomatoes, and I've got to tell you my mouth is watering at
the very thought of vine ripened tomatoey redness covered in lushious olive tapenade. Yummy!

And then there's the creative blogs - oh dear me. I sooooo understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the massive array of uncompleted projects, staring you down at every corner. Such is life. I am my mother's daughter that is for sure. Nevertheless, just knowing that someone understands how it feels and that it has to get worse before it gets better is indeed a comfort. http://www.todayscreativeblog.blogspot.com/ So check out this blog and then run out and get Martha Stewart's Living magazine - September issue - for her outrageously decadent new craft room. "To be able to leave unfinished projects out is a dream," says Martha "Never having to put things away is a luxury" I couldn't agree more!!!!!
So hopefully, everyone reading this has taken a break from work and is enjoying these websites, getting a bit hungry, and more than a little inspired.
Have a lovely day!!!!!!!

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