Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No, actually, that's not all. . .
So my mom reads my blog (almost every day I think) and she asked if yesterday's post was a hint. Well, yes of course, and if you just happen to be shopping online at Urban Outfitters, here's some other goodies I like:
A lovely new plate for the wall above the cabinets in the kitchen:
New Bedroom Lighting:
This Pillow for the sofa:
Elvis Christmas Ornament:
Edible Shot Glasses:
Coat Rack:
Key Covers:
Laptop Decor:
Perhaps a new shower curtain?:
New living room table:Umbrella Stand:
Office Table:
A real headboard:
Lovely Picture Frame:Office Rug: Or maybe this one instead:
To match these curtains:
With these tiebacks:
And a couple of these shelves:
New guest room bedding:
Really, any of these will do. Thanks Santa!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All I Want for Christmas:
Urban Outfitter's Union Jack Tapestry $36.00

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Under the Weather
The last few days I've been feeling rather blah so instead of working and writing I've been doing lots and lots of sleeping. I'll be back on Tuesday with a new post I promise!

Until then. . .enjoy some pictures from the vault of computer files. . .

if you know where these images came from prior to being stored anonymously on my laptop, please let me know!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I HEART this website!!!
Of course these birds (4.00 each) strike a chord with me, but RE-found objects sells loads of other amazing items as well.
Here's more about the store from the owners themselves:
In November 2003, RE was born in a small converted workshop at the back of a filling station in Corbridge, a small market town in north east England and was followed by our first mail order catalogue in May 2004.

After careers in fashion design we both wanted a new challenge and with years of comparative shopping experience, and inspired by some of the stores we visited globally, we decided to set up shop. There's no point attempting to shoehorn the range of RE's stock into a paragraph, but if you do need a plaster Virgin Mary and a bottle of the best bubble bath in the world, this is the place. We have a huge cross section of customers, and everyone goes out with something - even if it's just a smile on their face!

More of our products are presented online; our most REcent finds, some favourites; some raRE or REmarkable; some REcycled; some REscued and REstored; and look out for REgd. - our unique range of originals and textiles designed by RE, and made locally whenever possible.
Online we've tried to REcreate the atmosphere of our colourful store and the site is a live link so you can shop online at anytime if you can't visit RE in person.

And the name RE? It's a found object itself. Two large metal letters bought in a Paris flea market. Now you know.
Ok, now back to my faves=
As cheesey as the are, I love this things! Handmade Shell Frame: 11.00
Lovely glasses: 6.50 each
As if I don't have enough methods of posting greeting cards, pictures, postcards and other mementos. . .Wire holder: 24.00
Green glass mixing bowl: 36.00, Wooden Spoons (just like Momma's!): 1.50, and Pretty little butter dish: 11.00
Incredibly affordable glass drops - perfectly priced and in time for Christmas: 1.25
Baskets are a weakness: 9.00-13.00
Mercury glass. . .another weakness: 5.00-28.00
Now, finally, something I don't have - crocheted hangers: 12.00
Wire shelves -aren't the perfect???: 19.50
Vintage Quilts: 75.00
Based on vintage traveller's scarves, these pillows/cushions would fit in nicely at my house: 35.00
Fantastic Lighting: 85.00
Hand-Knitted dish rags (I could do this myself of course, but that would mean less blogging): 6.50 each
Giant french cup. . .oh I would give anything for a cup of hot chocolate right now-must put Swiss Miss on the shopping list: 6.00
Vintage cooking trays to die for - assorted styles: 12.50
Wool-work Pillow - very wintry colours unfortunately don't coordinate with the house, however, this would make a great Christmas gift for Momma: 75.00
More decor for the tree - precious hearts: 3.00-4.00
I am indeed slightly obsessed with Jadeite - because this is a British company they're calling it 'American Milkglass' but from my experience this is Jadeite (ps: at least that's what her highness Miss Martha Stewart calls it) and milkglass is white and much more affordable. I have several pieces of each but nothing like these gorgeous cake stands: 25.00-49.00 or this adorable drinking set: pitcher 25.00, glasses 9.00 each
I know a lot of people would be completely against this idea, but I'm head over heels for it!!! Antlers: 26.00
Why I love these, I have no idea, but I just do - vintage leather measuring tapes: 30.00
Cutie pie wire trivets - made for cute pies!!!: just 5.00
Brightly coloured velvet ribbons - they would look divine with the silver hearts or glass drops I believe: 5.00 each spool
Finally, nothing could be finer than these glorious union jack and coronation pillows, another tug at my heart strings. . .its a very long and painful tug since I think most of my heart is still located across the ocean in England. Sad :(
So on my next trip I'll have to visit these guys - although, by the looks of this store, I might never want to leave!!!

Note: all prices in pound sterling