Sunday, September 30, 2007

I heart Sundays - I mean really, this is truly a day of rest. After an exhausting night out on the town with my peeps Friday, a not-so good night's sleep Friday night, a blah day at work on Saturday (sold two funky chairs!) and then a decadent 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night, there really is nothing better than spending half the day in bed: in a t-shirt and boy shorts, blinds open - the sights of the farm around me pouring in, exploring my favourite blogs, writing e-mails, checking myspace, finding new favourite blogs, reading poetry, chatting on the phone (just found out my niece is on her way to come see me, YIPPEEEE), reading my new domino, altogether relaxing . . .nothing better. My momma would say I should be in church right now, but truly - this is my religion and this is how I choose to pay my respects to the creator, just as I personally believe he intended.

Its not that I'm feeling uninspired today, its just that another blogger was spot on:

Happy Sunday!!!!!

Notice any similarities? It appears that Brad Pitt is a fan of architectural photographer, Julius Shulman. Shulman is best know for defining the image of the mid-century modern California home. In particular, his photograph Case Study #21 (top photo) is a portrait of suburban life within the context of 1950's design.The writers at Goldenfiddle speculate as to how the idea for the infamous, July 2005 W Magazine photo spread, "Domestic Bliss" came to be. The 60 page essay, featuring the newly anointed "Brangelina" was conceptualized by Pitt and photographed by Steven Klein.
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I love my Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!

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