Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Fisherman's Cottage

Every once in a great while in this mundane world of retail I just "click" with someone. Its this amazing moment when the person standing in front of me becomes a client instead of just a mere customer trying to buy a sofa from a mediocre salesperson. I'm horrible at selling, always have been, the only reason I've ever been successful at it is because I get so damn excited about good design and people love that.

So I've been working with this amazing lady for a few weeks now. Her and her husband have just bought their retirement home - an 1890's fisherman's cottage in historic Beaufort, NC. I'm honestly head over heels in love with what we're doing. To begin with she (like myself) has this love-hate relationship with Potterybarn. I mean how could you not? When they first came on the scene it was like a breath of fresh air. And still, when I get their catalogs I always manage to breathe a sigh of relief that finally there is a mainstream design outlet out there that is truly a departure from the "Southern Living" look - gag me! But at the same time, if one more person walks into my store and asks for the same damn Lawson sofa in beige for their builder beige cookie cutter house and says "you know, I'm lookin' for that Potterybarn feel" I swear I will just scream or quit and go work for potterybarn the jury's still out on that one. So anyway, the whole house is soooo that look, but in a good sincere sort of way - we've got nautical (but not literal nautical), we've got maps (but they're actually vintage), we've got shutters (but they've been there since the 1930's ), we've got distressed woods throughout (but this is no faux finish). And to top it all off - guess what! she's got a nosy neighbor who looks in her windows when no one is home too! But who wouldn't right? So here's your sneak peak into the look Mrs. S and I are going for, very Potterybarn but the very real version. Enjoy!

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