Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentines on the Mind
Not quite a month away, while I still have yet to decide who my main squeeze for Feb. 14th will be (or should I say the big man upstairs hasn't clued me in yet), either way - I ADORE valentines cards, don't you?
Greer Chicago has some lovely valentines that happen to be amongst my faves:

In fact, a couple of my bffs might need this one:
If this isn't your particularly favourite holiday, please keep in mind that they have other cards for many more occasions that are just as exceptional:
Even calling cards like this:

Although scandalously fun, I think when my mister shows up at the front door, we'll decide to use something like this instead:

Had I been psychic last valentines day (such a disappointment) I would have bought this one for future use on the now current ex-mister:
Stylish file folders, fun bookplates too, even adorable luggage tags, Oh my!:

So hop on over and buy something special for that special someone OR meeeee!!! ;)

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