Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhhhh the Warmth of Friday and a Weekend Away!
So I'm off for the weekend to go home and celebrate my birthday (a week late) with my mom and friends in Greenville. So I thought, since my plans for the weekend include staying in on the couch curled up with a warm blanket, cake, and a favourite dog, it seems an appropriate time for me to share the fascinatingly adorable quilts found on Denyse Schmidt's website.
The names are the finest parts I believe, mostly for the feelings they evoke so pay attention ladies and gents!
1st up= Drunk Love in a Log Cabin - ooo what fun!
There Goes the Neighborhood:
Snake Charmer:
Tulip Tree:
On and On:
Couldn't Keep it to Myself:
and then that great name again. . .Drunk Love (2-toned):
Her fabric collections are also, well, pretty darn fabulous!:
County Fair:
Katie Jump Rope:
Flea market Fancy:
That's all for me for a couple of days.
Hug someone special and have a gorgeous weekend!

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