Wednesday, January 21, 2009

R. Wood Studio
Geez I miss my clay. Seriously, if you've never taken up ceramics, you just must must must add this to your bucket list and I promise you won't be disappointed.
In looking through an old Country Living magazine last night I found this website that I just HAVE to pass along - such loveliness! "In an old produce warehouse in Athens, Georgia, Rebecca Wood and her 12 artists are busy creating beauty. Rebecca Wood and her crew of artists transform local Georgia red clay into the simply shaped ceramic dinnerware in luscious colors that R.Wood Studio is famous for.
Did you know that most ceramics are made overseas? R.Wood Studio pottery is one of the very few studio potteries in America, where each piece is made by hand. Most ceramics are made by pouring liquid clay into a mold. Our ceramics are not made in a mold, but are molded by the artists' imagination. Each piece is fashioned by an artist's hands, and likewise painted with an
artist's eye. Look on the back for the R.Wood stamp and the sign of the artist who painted your piece."

My only disappointment is that their blog isn't still kept up. Oh how I'd love to read about their creations!
Alright, ta ta for now! Go play in some clay peeps!!!

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