Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ralph Lauren and SNOW!
I knew I had a preppy side hidden somewhere deep inside me, well guess what kids a darling dear of a man named Ralph Lauren has found it! No, I'm not surprised that he would be the one to bring it out of me, but for some odd reason today I was on the Ralph Lauren website and between the Rugby clothing collection and the Home Collection, I think I'm salivating ya'll.
The mission statement of the rugby collection - ahhhhhhh:
"Rugby is where casual campus style meets downtown prep for a sensibility that is youthful and, at times, irreverent. The signature of the brand is the authentic rugby shirt, a symbol of our classic sporting heritage. From rebellious, sporting inspired looks for men to sharp, sexy campus styles for women, Rugby embraces a lasting sense of timeless individuality."
So between the snow outside, the coffee and warmth inside, the Ralph Lauren Collection side by side with my work on the computer, Oasis playing in the background, and my kitten curled up next to me-today's gonna be a good day! Hope yours is relaxingly dreamy as well!

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