Monday, January 26, 2009

I did something fabulous today that makes me feel like this:
Granted, I'm writing this on Wednesday the 21st even though (in keeping with my new year's resolution of writing as much as I can and then scheduling posts for the future) you won't be reading it until 5 days later. So it is entirely possible that by that time I'll feel like this:
No I can't tell you what I did-I'll tell you when you're older, but suffice it to say, I have the greatest faith that my actions today will make the future feel the colourful amour of serendipity and thus, look a little more like these:
I should also note that I'm in love with this song:
"You look like an art piece floating in my mind
And I am told fortunes are gold
Fortunes are gold.
Bucket loads of gratitude I feel for you
You are fine.
I pour you like wine, pour you like wine.
As the desert sky turns into shadow light
Beside me on my bed tonight
Your love is the only light I see
You feel like the only home I’ve ever known
And I am shown tonight:
You seem like a memory that I’ve always known
And it has shown as long as I go, long as I go.
Safe and lost forever in a fantasy,
Tosses and turns.
My heart never yearns.
My heart never yearns.
There’s no better place to be than in your eyes.
There’s no other sight to see
You’re the cornbread and iced tea of life.
You feel like the only home I’ve ever known
And I am shown tonight
Oh how I’m shown
Because it makes me feel like this:
Happy Monday!!!
song="Iced Tea" by Shelby Lynne

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