Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to the Country
(I love it, but. . .part 2b)
Alright so its time to revisit our perfect little country house and continue it's makeover. Sadly, when you visit it's website there are absolutely no pictures of the bathroom. So we're going to focus on that today and (this is the part I love) we can completely use our imagination!!!
Ok, so to begin with we need our permanent bath fixtures. For that we head over to Vintage Tub and buy the following:

Next we need the sink. In a perfect world we would find an old dresser and have two gorgeous sinks installed in it, but sadly, I can't really make that happen today, so we'll just go with this (from Hooker):
Now our flooring should be hardwood, something like Patagonian Rosewood from WFI:
We'll tile the walls up to picture rail height with something grand from Ann Sacks:
Maybe even add a little dash of a very special and very English looking tile like this at various spots along the wall (also from Ann Sacks) :
Now for the mirrors, originally I was thinking this:
But now I'm leaning more towards this (both from Jayson Home and Garden):

Nope, as busy as it seems, we'll go with our first instinct.

Ok, lighting, hmmmm. I believe Tracy Porter could help us out with that! Actually as lovely as this is, I think its a bit too busy, even for my taste:

Let's try Ballard. This looks quite perfect:
We'll have to find pinky-orange coloured shades of course, but nevertheless our sconces just happen to coordinate with this: so I think we need it too! Now we need artwork from Victorian Trading Company:

Next, a few accessories from none other than Anthropologie of course:

Finally, there's this precious little piece that I would love to include, but sadly have noooo idea where it came from. I wish it were stained a dark wood or even a pretty off-white colour, but oh well, here it is:

If someone knows the source, please holla! On that note, I'm off to go shower and ready myself for a relaxing Sunday in a cute but not as perfect as this bathroom. Sad. More to come from this house next week, don't you worry. Ciao!

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karey m. said...

you know, i'd forgotten how OBSESSED i am with ann sacks!


one of the hardest parts of living the bathrooms! aargh!