Monday, September 08, 2008

New Blogs
I should tell you all that I'm a confirmed snoop. If I happen to have added you to my blog roll, chances are I'm visiting the sites on your blog roll as well. I like to assume that if I love you, I'll adore all the other sites that you heart as well (this isn't ALWAYS the case but I won't name names *insert snicker here*). So here's a few I've found as I've been snooping on the Yvestown blog roll. Note: this is an endless game I play - I look at a site on a blog roll and then they have a post from someone fabulous so I follow that and then I look at their blog roll. . . the saga continues.
#2: Inspiration Boards:
#3: Grand Revival Design:
#5: Lovely Design: Please visit these gorgeous ladies, you'll certainly be delighted when you do!

1 comment:

karey m. said...


four new sites over which to drool.

wait. that's actually a GOOD thing {especially during my 4 am stress sessions!}

thanks for this beauty! as always...