Saturday, June 14, 2008


I believe my very first blog post was actually about chairs - so in a way, I've come full circle in over a year and yet, I'm still looking (and saving) for a new upholstered chair.
I came across these from CR Laine this morning:
Love the style of chair and the colours but I'm really not sure how I feel about the horizontal stripes. Thoughts???

I love this next one purely because of the mix of fabrics. Not real pratical and this particular colour scheme is a bit too dark and victorian for me, but nevertheless I do love the idea.

This shabby chic chair is just too pretty for words, but it doesn't look comfortable at all.

Once again, way too dark for my taste but I love love love this fabric. Also, I should note before someone calls me out on it that CR Laine does allow you to change the fabrics on their particular chairs, but since I'm purely just looking for inspiration at the moment, my comments are based on their design combos - both the style of chair and the upholstery material.

I didn't fall in love at CR Laine so I guess the search is still on for the next fabulous chair!!!

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