Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Wisteria Wishlist - just in case ya'll want to give me a gift!!!
I've always thought that this company seems to be full of expert buyers, they know what is in style, how to market it, and most importantly they know how to sell good quality finds at reasonable prices.

The place for this is in my bedroom on the vintage vanity - Transluscent Bird Lamp $179.
This would make my living room complete - Curled Wire Chandelier $249.

No earthly idea what I would do with this, I certainly don't need any more tables in the house, unless of course I finally found that perfect upholstered chair (see yesterday's post). Maybe then I could justify buying this table to accompany it. A Mad King's Tree Table $349.

Maybe this is the chair? - Corner Chair $629
Or maybe this is it? I adore the name: Side Chair with Multiple, Very Good Personalities $1199

Ok, so 2 of these on either side of my desk facing the window might just might complete the office - The Shelves Stand Alone $159

I had also been considering these from Ikea, but I think I like the Wisteria ones better, they have a bit more personality and speak something along the lines of "va va va voom" to me instead of Ikea's "va va va that book is too heavy I'm gonna break now". However, they are only $14.99 each. Thoughts???

I digress, back to Wisteria now. I blame my mother for the blue and white obsession, it is all her fault. I looooove these planters, don't you momma? - Dragon Planter $259

I need a doormat - this one might just be it!!! - Delightful $34

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