Friday, June 13, 2008


Seriously, this man is fan-freakin-tastic! If you heart him as much as I do you simply must check out Issac all about town:

a) This month's Country Living Magazine apparently looks at collectors and there's a fabulous story on his obsession with vintage hats.

image 2 of 13: Finders Keepers article at

image 5 of 13: Finders Keepers article at

b) Nothing could be finer than his personal website. From here you can view his Women's Spring 2009 collection, his newly designed fabrics, his costume designs and other collections as well. Oftentimes, he has a hilarious video segment where he's doing things like cooking with Billy Joel's wife (I know her name but I feel the same way decorno does about her so I'm obstaining from pretention here by mentioning any more about her-see decorno's May 31, 2008 blog). Issac also does a fabulous list of favourites every few months - what fun! He posts items like jello pudding snacks & prismacolor pencils (a man after my own heart). Well and he wouldn't be whole without a blog would he??? He's a bit scatterd when it comes to writing posts, so it seems he's like me in that sense, oh well when he does write it is indeed fabulous. In fact he describes his whole website as a "really fun and glamourous place you can retreat to when the world gets a little too real. It’s like a Calgon Bath meets an International Coffee wrapped in a 1930’s escapist screwball comedy." It just doesn't get better than that kids.

images: Issac's Spring 2009 Women's collection - pictures on website

Don't you think that last dress looks very reminiscent of Debra Kerr's stunning dress in An Affair to Remember? I'm so glad Issac has re-created and modernized this classic!!!

c)Issac at Target. To me, even though his fashion designs absolutely never fit my proportions, I think they are a perfect mix of classic 50's-esc style and modern glamour.

image: detail of last dress, pink and black eyelet - oh so lovely!!!

His interior decor designs really are my absolute favourites though - guilty indulgences I do believe, because I want to snatch them all up when they look so great, but I seem to unfortunately forget that target doesn't manufacture quality. So sad indeed. images: LONG LIVE ISSAC!!!

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karey m. said...

i don't care what isaac makes. i don't care how much it costs or where it sells. he is genius and i covet everything of his.

even his hair.

EXCELLENT POST! makes me so darn unimaginably happy.