Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm in love with Etsy!
Most people of course have seen Etsy by now but I just thought for a lazy Saturday morning post, the best thing to do would be to share some of my favourites so here ya go!!!
Other items of interest in Lemonade's shop: coin purses, headbands, and extra cute wristlets!

Other items of interest in Sulablu's shop: hand hammered hoops that are absolutely divine!

Other items of interest in Ruby's Lounge: a multitude of fabulously funky and animal-friendly wall art like this!
Other items of interest in the Jeweled Monkey's shop: cascading ball earrings that might just might be a fantastic new gift idea for a certain Megan in my life and precious "garden" earrings depicting hummingbirds and roses.

Relish Dress has very quickly become my absolute favourite seller. Blair and I each now have one of the lovely little nest ring's I posted about a few weeks ago and I also bought part of my niece's graduation gift from this quirky seller - check out the red honey bee earrings and Kitchen sink necklace.

I am absolutely NOT punk, but I love love love this necklace. I feel confidant it will make my boss totally freak out so I think I'll purchase it very very soon.
Other items of interest by UnicoCreation: cute crocheted bracelets and brooches

Yes yes yes, I'm sure you're noticing a theme here. I need to get back to quilting again and so this morning I was searching for yo yos on etsy and came across several fabulous things. . .including Hailey Bobbin's quilt (she hearts me too!).
Other items of interest from Hailey's Bobbins: absolutely precious baby quilts!
Other items of interest in Moon Faces: the cutest little studs you've ever seen and some other dramatic rings.

Oh I'm so devastated that this sold, maybe it is a sign saying I need this one instead:

image: Luxe Deluxe-Imogen $38.00
Other items of interest: Alot of her pieces come with coordinating jewelry so if you're a matchy matchy girl, you've found a great home in Luxe Deluxe!

Dead Bird's other finds: cute vintage jewelry, plates, and all sorts of other fun stuffs!

Happy Shopping!


karey m. said...

this etsy tour was so much fun...

i've missed a few days, but it's so much fun to read all your posts at once! and thanks for reminding me of wisteria...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blog..i am so proud and happy to be part of it...Sula Blu