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Wuthering Heights
I've been in bed feeling wretchedly ill with a sore throat for most of the weekend. During my waking hours I have clearly been either a) on the internet or b) reading.
The book of the moment is Alice Hoffman's Here on Earth.

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I picked this book up a few months ago in the Austin Airport, not knowing that it was a re-adaptation of one of my absolute favourites. According to Nan Goldberg of
"you might call "Here on Earth" a feminist version of "Wuthering Heights."
Did we really need a feminist version of "Wuthering Heights"? Probably not. Can it compete with the original in drama or intensity? Unfortunately, no again. But "Wuthering Heights" is a hard act to follow, and anyway, tragic figures who never learn the self-inflicted nature of their tragedy are always more fascinating than those who figure it out.
So read "Here on Earth" for its own sake. It's got interesting, real-life characters; it's erotic, romantic and sad; and it's a great read."
I have to admit (sorry Ms. Hoffman) when I first started this book I thought it was a bad rip-off of the real thing, but I'm really beginning to enjoy it now.

On a completely seperate (sort of) note - while doing some research for this blog I found out that a new film version of Wuthering Heights is set to come out in 2009. Originally Natalie Portman held the role of Catherine but she, after begging for the role, has apparently walked off of the film. I adore Natalie, don't get me wrong here. I thought she was fabulous in V for Vendetta and no one can deny how amazing she was in Garden State, but her performance in The Other Boleyn Girl made me gag, therefore I am quite happy she will not be portraying dear Catherine.
However, sadly (I think) she has been replaced by dear Sienna Miller. Now, my feelings for Sienna are a bit less harsh than those for Natalie. I do indeed think she's an idiot for having wasted so much precious time on that horrid but beautiful excuse for a man, Jude Law (have you seen pictures of him lately, he's balding - fabulous retribution I'd say). Really though, I think she's a darn good actress and couldn't have been more perfect in Factory Girl but I'm just not sure about Sienna in this particular part.
Casting for the male lead of Heathcliff in this new film is apparently less tumultuous than the ladies fighting to play Catherine. Reportedly (basically I've been reading alot of crazy British tabloids) Heathcliff is going to be revived by this dish of a man.

image: Michael Fassbender
WoW - I'll be there opening night, for several reasons.
This is no small role though. Just look at the men that have taken on the tormented and torturous soul of Heathcliff:
Most Notably Laurence Olivier
Followed by my personal favourite because of his rugged good looks - Timothy Dalton.

The chick that played Catherine in that version was seriously wierd though, so except for dear Mr. Dalton, the movie was sort of crap.
Then there was Ralph Fiennes. . .
Personally, I don't think he's the handsome brother in this family, and this movie was crap. While we're on the subject of Jospeh Fiennes, don't you think he would make an excellently dirty Heathcliff???
Wait!!! Stop the presses, I just read that he has a twin, too bad its fraternal. I was hoping one could play Heathcliff on film and the other could play Mr. to me. Oh well.

P.S. While looking for pictures for this blog, I used google image search so my apologies that the credits are not truly up to par but it is so hard to give credit where credit is due on that site. I did in the process find a lovely new blog with an article on the fabulous Fiennes brothers that you can view here:

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