Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's Play "Catch Up"!
New things happening out and about that I've failed to share in my week of selfishness:
-New Stuff at Tracy Porter:-I've finally made a decision regarding church. . .drum roll please:image found here
-If you become a fan of Jayson Home & Garden on Facebook by May 17, you'll be eligible to win one of two $500 gift cards! If I win, I'm buying these:-This is the next book on the reading list:-15% off everything AND free delivery at the White Company this week (although I'm not actually sure this applies to those of us that are across the pond)-I visited the new and improved North Carolina Museum of Art yesterday. They have a new Cranach portrait of Martin Luther AND my favourite Bougereaux!:-Right now at Victorian Trading Company, bell jars are only $14.95!!! Hotness!:-Inspired by the lovely nautical striped bag I bought yesterday at H&M for just $2.95, here's some other nautical loveliness!!!:image found hereimage from hereimage found here
Ok, that's it - back to the grind now!!! :)
Have a happy weekend guys and gals!

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