Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pearl River
I have to admit, this site kind of exhausts me. Too much to look at!!!
Lovely tins - they make me want to drink more tea, just so I can have these to display:
Pretty Soaps - the packaging really "makes" them, don't you think?:Their cosmetic bags in plastic/oil clothe are perfect:With totes and luggage tags to match oh my!:These fun mini jewelry boxes would make wonderful stud storage:I heart square plates:Precious soup spoons:Coordinating bowls are just asking for some egg drop soup, yummers!:But ohhh the owl set!:I think I need one of the capiz candle holders in every colour - maybe a few extra of the pink ones:I've been longing for one of these for some time:Adorable towels!:My favourite item by far, a birdcage of course!:Gotta love the foo dogs:I'm slightly unsure about this, but the colour is just divine:Whewwwww! See, aren't you exhausted? Too much to love!!!

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