Sunday, February 28, 2010

Current Etsy Milk Glass "Needs":
Well maybe I don't NEED them but I certainly want all of the following: (if only the government had seen fit for me to get a bigger tax return, ahhhhhh)*Buttons from here $4.50*Pendant Light from here $129.00*Set of 4 - Tea Set from here $65.00*Necklace from here $24.00*Pedestal Vase from here $9.00*Butter Dish from here $37.95*Juice Glasses from here $21.00*Set of 7 Spice Jars from here $15.00*Creamer and Sugar Jar from here $20.00*Button Earrings from here $12.99
Early Christmas shopping anyone??? :)


jenscloset said...

Thank you much for including my milk glass in this great selection! I do love milk glass!

Carriers Cozy Cottage said... your blog! Thanks for including my Vintage Milk Glass Sugar and Creamer set!