Saturday, May 02, 2009

Modern Electronica
(fabulous picture found here)
My DVD player has broken, my big old black tv is an eye-sore and my computer could go at absolutely any moment. So no, it is not like me to do a post about electronics, but its what's on my mind so forgive me my current indulgences:
Flat Screen TV/DVD combo from here: $208
However, would it be wrong for me to just go with the Pink TV (seams much more my style) from Target of course: $299.99
In all seriousness, I think its going to have to be a white TV after all. How about this one? $279.99 also from Target:
Computers, well perhaps this one would do-Cosmopolitan Pink from Sony and Best Buy $799:
While I'm dreaming, I'd also like one of these: $119.95 (from here)
Of course one of these as well: $149 (from Apple of course)
And finally, the digital camera is a must and I think this cute little guy in Tiffany Blue is just wonderful $229.99 (from here):
Okay so my grand total comes to = $1577.93 Not bad eh? Got to run off a get a second job now, be back soon! J/K!!!
Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!

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Mossy said...

I like your style missy!