Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Truly Sorry
I have been MIA for an awfully obnoxious amount of time. First came Vegas, then came Atlanta, then came an obscene amount of work, then came the obsession with, then came the disastrous apartment neglected for waaaaay too long, then came the loss of the sufficient computer cords to operate the Internet. . .all that is to say-I have missed you dearly and am extremely glad to be back!!!
I've planned an exciting week of posts for the next 7 days and a couple of brand new types of regular posts as well. I simply must catch you up on the usual online shopping sites so that will be the main goal. In between doing that I would like to show you the array of things I've been working on as well as getting you caught up on the sweet little happenings in the world of "Alvaliciousness".
Let's begin with the new type of post: every Wednesday (of course today will be the first) I'll post a random picture from the file that I think you'll enjoy. Please keep in mind that while I'm trying to do better about giving credit for where the photos have come from, so many of these have been filed for other reasons that I can't truly give props to their originator but always welcome you to comment if you know the site/location of their beginnings.
Random photo's official start:
Now for this week's schedule:
Sunday - Serena & Lily
Monday - Regular Post=Favourite Art, Part 1
Tuesday - Habitat
Wednesday - Regular Post=Random Photo, Part 1
Thursday - New Dresses Wanted
Friday - Regular Post=Etsy Fun, Part 1
Saturday - Gone with the Wind
Please come back for more and thank you so much, as always, for visiting!!!
With my enduring love,

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Mossy said...

I missed you Alva - glad you are back. Mossy