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I don't usually post about celebrities. This is not that kind of blog. I am not that kind of girl. I rarely even read the crap that is typically printed about stars. I think its useless, and I choose not to live my life by the standards that Hollywood sets forth. However, I do love movies. And there are a handful of actors and actresses that I respect (not necessarily for their personal choices, but rather for their ability to make you escape every once in awhile through a film).
So having that said, I signed onto my Yahoo account a few moments ago and found this article.
It kind of made me mad, well, a little annoyed at least.
Actors we've fallen out of love with. Hmmmm I disagree.
Renee Zellweger:
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This chick embodies both the musical and acting talent that, at least in my eyes, ranks her right up there with stars such as Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn. So she's made a few bad decisions (can we say Kenny Chesney?), but really, give the girl a break.
Kate Hudson:
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Come on, she's adorable ya'll!
This one irritated me the most -Kiera Knightly:
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It really must be said that you can't truly compare Pirates of the Caribbean to The Duchess. I mean really. Apples and oranges people: a film meant for such a wide and expansive audience as Pirates stacked up against The Duchess (a film almost entirely based on factual events occurring to one of the most important women in English history). Please. Kiera is great. I still love her and honestly think that I always will!
Mike Myers:
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Oh now really, he's Shrek for goodness sake! Not even just Shrek, he's 1/2 half of Wayne's World, AND Dr. Evil - really? Really?
Nicole Kidman:
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If for no other reason I love her because she has terrific taste in men (aside from that whole Tom Cruise fiasco). Aside from that though, she's a wonderful actress and one of the most beautiful women on earth. Seriously, I think I can forgive her for having her primary life goal at the moment being the creation of a perfect marriage with this beautiful man:
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Now the others on the list: Jessica Alba (I don't actually know that I've ever seen anything with her in it), Eddie Murphy (never really a big fan of his) and Keanu Reeves (while I do believe that Point Break, Sweet November and A Walk in the Clouds are absolute classics, I am kind of over him). So I guess 3 out of 9 ain't bad.
So seriously, go out and rent some fabulous movies and show the idiots over at Yahoo that we still love these peeps!
Happy Weekend!!!

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