Monday, February 23, 2009

Vegas Baby Vegas part 2
So I'm back from Vegas and feeling a bit under the weather (I think I caught a stomach bug on the plan -ugh!) but I had a fabulous time so here's the countdown of the best of Sin City:
1) Seeing my sister and meeting her lovely family (its a long story and one I will dive into some other time)
2) Getting my first ever Tiffany's box:
with the bean bracelet inside:
3) Chihuly glass at the Bellagio:
this guy really is amazing, here's some of his other installations and pieces:
4) Spending girl time with Lee Lee before she heads to the altar:
5) Food and slots!
Never under-estimate the fun that $1 can bring you at a slot machine, even losing it is fun!
And as for a few bucks in a bakery, wow!!!
So now that I've crossed Vegas off of my bucket list, I have to add another item. Here goes, I want a girl's family trip to Paris - me, my mom, my sisters, their mom, and their kids - it would be just divine!!!
Off to Wilmington tomorrow for work, so I'll be back soon!
Ciao darlings!

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