Friday, January 02, 2009

Totally Bambooooo
One of the companies I represent at the real job is having a sale (plus free shipping on orders over $50)!!!
Check it all out here.
My favourites:
10"x14" Cutting Board, was $33.00 but now $19.80!
5" Square Plate, was $10.00 but now $6.00!
3 Bowl Condiment Dish, was $20.00 but now $18.00!
some other favourites that are still affordable but unfortunately not on sale:
Bento Cutting Board $90
Montego Bay 8"x10" frame $20
Metro Bowl $80
Medium Sushi Plate $15
Just so ya'll know, bamboo is completely "green" because it renews itself every 7 years. During the best part of its growth cycle it is actually 18% harder than maple - but if you harvest it too soon or too late it is either very weak or very brittle. However, this particular company is so responsible that they tag each and every shoot in the forest so they know they're harvesting it at exactly it's ripest point. In other words, it is absolute perfection my dears!
Happy Monday!

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