Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Etsy Favourites
I think it is super important to note how much fun it is to make a list of favourites on Etsy. I love going back and looking at special little items I've "bookmarked" to come back to and purchase. Such an enjoyable time for all.
Here's my latest list:
Seller=Fabulousmess - fabulous shop indeed! the last item (just in case you think it is amazing, like me, but have no earthly idea what to use it for) is actually a spice rack - yummy!

Seller=Shukgirl - this lot of vintage buttons is pure divinity and the seller suuuuch a sweetie!

Seller=VintageQuilt - I personally think one could never have enough Pyrex, and in PINK, why not???

Seller=Spanishmoss - precious seller, with some good ole southern items!

Seller=Nice -lamps out of doilies!!! to die for!

Seller=Lookonmytreasures - loads more fabulous finds where these came from, making this shop not one to be missed!
Right now one of my ultimate favourite items is from my bff Kate's shop - her lovely little silhouettes make me smile from ear to ear. She makes these custom guys, so they're just perfect for YOU!!!

I'm thinking, perhaps furniture could be done this way, maybe maybe??? Either that or the evil kitten (he just bit my neighbor) is going to be made into a work of art!
Speaking of the evil one, is it inhumane to take pictures of him doing stupid things like falling out of the linen closet?

While we're on that subject, here's a sneak peak of the shelf project, more to come tomorrow!
I should certainly note that I usually get really great feedback from Etsy sellers when I feature them, but this round of folks are truly amazing! Such a darling set of peeps so please visit them and buy often!!! Thanks ya'll!


nice-etc said...

Hi Alva! Thank you so much for you note and special feature here! It's very kind of you and makes me soooooo excited whenever people enjoy my shop. :)

Thanks for a great start to my Wednesday!
-Caitlin from Nice

Anonymous said...

Hello Alva,
I feel so honored to be recognized so sweetly by you! And I am having no end of fun checking out everybody else here. Exciting stuff!!!
Pats to the evil one.
With my gratitude,Barbara from lookonmytreasures