Thursday, January 15, 2009

All Apologies
Sorry, all I have time for today is some hot pics (from a source I unfortunately can't give you - although the 2nd one looks like something fabulous Karey M at Mackin Ink would have found) and a set of fabulous lyrics. Nope don't worry, its not Nirvana, its the Ting Tings!!! ;) Its a tad quirky, but EXACTLY the way I feel at the moment!!!
Shut Up And Let Me Go
shut up and let me go
this hurts, i tell you so
for the last time you will kiss my lips
now shut up and let me go

gone is love
it's you that ought to be holding me
i'm not containable
this turns up
it's not sustainable
i aint freakin'
i aint fakin' this
shut up and let me go

hey! shut up and let me go
this hurts, but i can't show
for the last time you had me
shut up and let me go!

for fear of leaving and regreting changed this one
when we first met now oh so easily
your over me
gone is love
it's me that ought to be moving on
you're not adorable
i was something unignorable!
What can I say? My heart - well its worn very sweetly and temporarily on my extra cute sleeve! Thanks for humouring me today, I'll be in better form tomorrow! Promise!!!

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