Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wretched Awful Terrible Blogger I Am I Am
I'm truly rather sorry there has been a rather extensive leave of absence in my blogs. This is one of my absolute favourite outlets and so when I just can't seam to get to it, I'm very disappointed. Undoubtedly more disappointed my 3 readers are, what with all the amazing blogs out there in our lovely Internet land. Anyway, my excuses do happen to consist of my computer being dead for about 5 days and then myself being whisked away to the land down under (By that I of course mean Florida, unfortunately, not Australia). Good excuses, sort of, right?
So today I'm back on track and I'm determined to write alot! It seams quite apropos considering I'm thinking alot lately as well.
1st: my poor apology and lovelies from my trip to see the Floridians
2nd: new etsy finds
3rd: new websites and stuff I'm including in the adoration and obsession file of my brain.
To begin with, I didn't take enough pictures this trip. . .I'm disappointed in myself for that. In my defense I was slightly distracted. I would tell you all about the reason for my distraction but as it is still very early and I am an indecisively as scared as usual, we'll delay all that for now. I'll let you in on the secret soon though, hopefully, fingers crossed. Anyway, trips to museums are always amazing when you have someone who enjoys the art as much as you and they're especially fabulous when they have nice outdoor areas that allow you to make a whole day of the affair. That's just what we did of course, here's a taste:

(The art is from here, the gardens are my pictures and they really are better than the ones of the museum's website he he he)
In retrospect, the whole weekend seemed to revolve around art a bit. Thursday night I enjoyed wine with my girl Kelley and her gorgeous friends - all of them works of art in their own rights.
Then, Kelley and her handsome hubby have started purchasing the most scandalously dreamy pieces from this guy, Scott Rohlfs:
The rest of the weekend, like I said has to remain a secret for now, perhaps you'll meet the mystery later. Now on to my other posts.
Hope ya'll have a gorgeous weekend!
See ya soon. . .I PROMISE!


Amanda said...

I for one missed you! I love secrets! Can't wait to hear!

Barbara Ann Hart said...

Glad you like Scott Rohlfs. I have worked with Scott here in Portland, Oregon for about a year. See more of his images on my website,