Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Adoration File of My Brain (Home Decor aisle)
note: no clue where the above picture came from, if you know please help me give credit!
This section of my brain is overflowing, especially because I happen to be one of those people that when I see someone's house, I can't possibly get over what I think they need here or they're missing over there. Usually, being a Southern Belle and all I manage to keep my mouth shut, but when someone asks for help. . .oh there's no end to the madness at that point. Therefore, when I find something perfect for a friend or family member, I have to e-mail them right away which gets to be a tad annoying as I really don't have time for that but hell I do it anyway because it is ever so much more fun than cleaning, don't ya know? (sorry, couldn't help it - I've got Sarah Palin on the brain). That's usually the way I end up finding things to blog about. This week though, I've been catching up on my magazines so alot of the following links are from companies noted by BH&G or Domino.
Here's what I'm adoring (for me) now-hope you enjoy!:
#1 = Les Indiennes: Batik printed linens that are simply to die for! And I just must have the art portfolio!

#2 = Viva Terra: I could do a whole posts on this company, in fact I might one day - my favourite is the rice and feed laundry basket, heart it!

#3 = Maine Cottage: I'm sure you've heard of this company (unless of course you've been living in a cave for ages and ages) but here are some newer things from them:

#4 = Tobias and the Angel: don't you just love that name? Very English things my darlings! However, for some reason I can't actually save and pass on photographs of their things, so you'll just have to visit the website for yourself, you won't be disappointed, I promise!

#5 = Ikea: always a favourite of course - but I've recently become obsessed with this bed, among other things. . .

#6 = Tablecloths Etc.: this website had me from the first page, oh dreammmy! And then the lampshade covers. . .oh I want one of each!

#7 = Shades of Light: This company is actually based close enough that I'm going to stalk them very soon, a visit is a must! Note: please just ignore the fact that the elephant rug was designed by Vera Bradley (ugh, I can't believe I like it, ugh) Last but never least. . .#8 = All Posters: Kelley and I decided Friday night that I need these for the office/dining room/studio -
Note: this is the "work in progress" photo. . .so the coffee table is going to be yellow soon and the plaid will be big giant pillows, the blue is Andy Warhol's Elvis print which will be bolsters, and the chandelier pillow is in another room now.
Anyway, in place of the ugly black and white thing over the sofa. . .
one of these:
I need opinions on that last decision though so please offer them up!
As always, happy shopping guys!!!

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