Saturday, June 28, 2008

I know I know, its not like me to write about fashion. Generally speaking I leave that to these girls. But today it just couldn't be helped.
What's that they say? "to each his own" I think that's a good mantra for today.
So earlier this morning, there I was taking horrible but hilariously humorous "bumper stickers" off of my facebook account because I don't think my friends realize that there are people on there that don't need to know I often have a potty mouth (you know like co-workers MEGAN!!!) anyway, all of a sudden this advertisement pops up on the side of the page for American Apparel.
Now don't get me wrong, I love that there is an American owned company out there actually making clothes in America and I love that they support rights for legal immigrants and fair treatment for employees and all, but what I have serious issues with is much less trivial: their fashions!
I mean, dear God, what has the world come to?

There are people that can pull off skinny jeans, and yes, as a matter of fact I am quite jealous that I am not one of those people.
I even agree that there are actually little punk rock boys that can pull off skinny jeans. HOWEVER, skinny coloured jeans? People, this is just wrong I tell you WRONG!

Now for the classic fashion dilemma: to spandex or not to spandex:
My vote is for no, unless you're a professional dancer of course (and yes, strippers, that includes you).
I can also make an exception for my dear Scarlett Jo:

The sad thing is that there are actually parts of 1980's fashion that I love (you know, bangle bracelets, big hair, men with mullets, that kind of thing) but iridescent is never ok. I repeat NEVER OK! Especially when combined with the whole spandex ordeal:

To be fair, high-waisted anything gives me the heebie-geebies.
But never mind that, back to the iridescence of it all:

The worst part about this glittery trend is that it has apparently already caught on. Be afraid be very very afraid. Terrified in fact.
And what's with the one piece?
I mean even Scarlett Jo makes this particular mistake?
Why Scarlett why?
Next thing you know the whole one-piece bodysuit will be coming back. Oh wait wait what was that you said? Did you say bodysuit? Because I believe American Apparel has some of those.

Geez, they were so cute back in the day - maybe I might be ok with that trend coming back. Oh no wait, I've just spent to much time reminiscing on this post is all.

Once again, another fashion that should not be worn unless you are a dancer of some sort:
Moreover, what is the deal with this company's models??? Oh wait and their photographers too??? I mean really - they look scared.

And then it gets worse. I'm not even kidding guys.
That is indeed a fanny pack you see.

But I must assert here that you should indeed check out this website. Especially if you're one of those fabulously funky people that could "own" (and by own I mean "rock") any of the above outfits and prove me completely and totally wrong because I'm always open to that.

Here are some things that I actually really like from American Apparel:

These glasses=fabulous!, but no, I cannot pull them off and will not try.

I really like these models too, although the second one is questionable for the obvious reasons:

Such cute dresses and a super fun scarf that comes in like 20 colours: YAY!

I must say, all of the fashions you've seen here today kids did in fact come from American Apparel except of course for the ones that were seen on celebs and they came from the girls at Go Fug Yourself.

Have an amazingly creative Saturday peeps!


Ana said...

Yeah AA has some ridiculous stuff and for some reason all the hipsters eat up the fanny packs and lame (that needs an accent) as though it were chocolate. I thought I would never buy anything from there until I saw their tights and hence my latest post and a few more to come.

Ashley L. said...

hahahah i love this post! so creative...and true. i also loved the blog, Go Fug Yourself. creative and quirky. how wonderful! :)

thank you for sharing!

Kristin said...

I walked into Unlisted, a store in Bucktown a few weeks ago, and there right in the front was a body suit. The first thing I saw. I then proceeded to walk slowly back out of the store. Heebie jeebies is right...

pinkstilettos said...

well never heard of the site- Go fug yourself. Might have to check it out! I agree with you completely- What are they thinking? Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed it! XoXo Daisy~