Friday, June 27, 2008

"How much piecin' a quilt's like livin a life...the Lord sends us pieces, but we can cut 'em out and put 'em together pretty much to suit ourselves"

(I like this quote but it reminds me of a line that Maya Angelou has in How to Make an American Quilt - "what I'm sayin is I don't want no damn ugly quilt" - I'm pretty sure that if I piece the quilt of my life without any guidance from above, I'll make a damn ugly quilt. . .which is why I rest in serendipity)

frustration in blogland

today my mind is scattered. i actually wrote and then discarded 3 posts before this (so sorry you don't get to hear my thoughts on Manolos, Laura Ashley, or Hilary Clinton's decoration of the white house-maybe later). i think its because i went to the library today. i always have issues with libraries - i get overwhelmed, you know, the way some people feel in fabric stores. in libraries i just continually wish i was a speed reader. actually, i take that back. why would you want to speed through all the things you can find in a library? i, rather, want to physically immerse myself in AT LEAST one book on virtually every subject of interest: cooking, painting, quilting, el salvador, modern art, antiques, decorating, italy, love poetry, shakespeare, england, peonies, an idiots guide to sewing, how to be a better friend, women in business, goya, entertaining. . . the list goes on and that's what scares me i believe.

so i got a few things:

Motifs for Crazy Quilting

Nigella Express

Soul Mates
100 Greatest Poems of All Time

Becoming Jane Austen

The Mystical Life of Jesus

Kitchen Confidential

i know i know i'm out of my mind, completely scattered. but i'm going to read all of these things - starting with a little bit of each every evening. no doubt this will only further my indecisivness and urge me even more swiftly into the lunatic asylum, but to hell with it, i'm just gonna give in and accept it.
i'm not going to lie to you a single bit - i have issues: my job drives me crazy but i kinda love that about it too, my house is such a disaster area i won't even let people in, its been 5 weeks since i've died my hair and i just know my stylist guy (mark anthony, no lie) would kill me if he say it, i'm having coffee for dinner, i talked to my ex-boyfriend and current tennant in the old house for almost an hour this afternoon (kate, feel free to scold away), i think i have a friend who just came out of the closet last night to his girlfriend (who knew? not i!), i need to brush my teeth, i actually have enough underwear to prevent me from washing clothes for a full 6 weeks, i think vladimir putin (scary though he is) is really hot, i can't stop buying winged pigs, i think lily allen is a genius, this week i feel like a bad friend and a bad sister for not responding to emails and myspace messages, i've been on a dating sabatical for 3 months which ends in 2 days, i miss england so much i would even take a one-way trip to peterborough-of-hell if someone gave it to me, my last boyfriend may or may not have been a rapper, i haven't washed my hair in at least 2 days (its curly people, don't judge!), my black thumb even manages to kill cacti, i have all sorts of coniption fits on the cheese aisle at whole foods (feta or goat?), somehow i can't even manage to capitalize my "i" or anything else for that matter, and the list goes on but
in short, i am a mess!

i think the crazy quilt ideal pretty much symbolizes my fried brain at the moment-which is why i've included the pictures here. (comments not needed, but totally accepted on this one.)

as my pal stewart says "you're much stronger than you act", which, annoyingly is totally and completely true. so i'm going to spend the night in my bed, reading and creating things that make me feel better. i'll have more inspiration for you tomorrow, i promise.

heart me!

note: the first picture i found today on etsy while looking for crazy quilts was entitled "serendipity". Indeed, this alone, makes my day (simple pleasures and all) thanks sassalynne!
ya'll must check out her page because her yarns are to die for!

image2&3 makingitsell on etsy - thanks so much Kristen, you're a genius for sure!

image4: 2purejoy on etsy - Darlene, your work is so innovative and different that it truly is inspiring

image5: magicaldreams on etsy - I haven't chatted with you yet, but hope I get to because I adore your point of view: very serene, very exciting, and indeed magically dreamy!

"when life gives you scraps, make quilts"


Sucker For Marketing said...

Oh man, I was at the library today, and I have THE SAME feelings whenI am there. I like the bookstore better because I buy one (since I know I can not ever feasably BUY all of the books) and get out of there.

In the library I want to sit down in the aisle and just start with whatever I pick first.

Glad to know there are others like me out there!
ps, Love your blog!

NuvoFelt said...

I love your crazy quilt. And thanks for posting my pic. Sassa