Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm not really sure why this looks so hideously junky in pictures, but never mind that. I've been trying to pull this whole room together with the pillows on the sofa but in retrospect I might just have to concede that the coral coloured dresser/tv stand was a bad choice and I'm gonna have to paint it (again). Thoughts?
Ok, so the fabrics for pillows - (note: I'm still not sure about that chandelier pillow that Coley made me purchase upon threats of a gruesome death if I didn't, so if ya'll tell me its got to go, I'll find somewhere else to use it). As for the other pillows, the black and white hounds tooth are getting moved to the guest bedroom. The main thing here is that fabulous and brightly coloured plaid - my idea was to make 3 pillows out of that with the black and white polka dot as ruffles. Then, get a robin's egg blue for 2 round bolsters on either end of the sofa. This funky Andy Warhol is the best blue colour that I've found. HELP is what I'm saying!!!
I do still love love love my zebra rug - this shot is specifically for Becoming Home: "I'm ready for my close-up!"
I'm so clueless here. Why is this so easy to do for others and such a chore for myself? Plus, Kate keeps ragging me about not actually sewing these here pillows so we've got to make some decisions people, in order to end the excessive nagging. You should also know that the cheap black and white photograph/crap art work above the sofa is getting changed to something with a yellow background - possibly a bird, not sure, haven't gotten that far yet.


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becoming-home said...

oh, I love it, thanks so much for posting (sorry it took me so long to find my way here!)

Your sofa and coffee table are fab too.

I like the chandelier cushion alot, but is that the one that looks purplish in the first photo? That's the only thing that seems to clash with the dresser. I really like the color of the dresser though, it's a nice red. Personally, I have always loved that red with the robin's egg blue you posted below. One of my favorite color combos.. plus that blue looks great with zebra :)