Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top 6 Favourite Vintage Collectibles
There are a few things, like most folks that I'm always scouting for. Window shopping on etsy this morning, I found these lovelies:
1) Mercury Glass: so shiny! the sparkle when light hits it, truly makes me happy!!!
-19th Century Apothecary Jars from Shandells $85 each: -Glass Votives from FleurdeBee $10 each: -Vase from MollyGeeWhiz $85:2) Vintage Linens: I never get tired of the unlimited possibilities with linens - use them as they were intended or make something entirely new!-Peacock Chenille Bedspread from BarkingSandsVintage $180: -Scalloped Hankie from PendragonFarm only $2.50-a steal!!!: -40's Floral Tablecloth from The3Maries $8.00: 3) Buttons: I'm not sure where this fetish first started - I'm hooked though.
-Pink Plastic from Rememberer $1.25 for 10:-Victorian French Filigree from lciernia $68 for 2:-Half-pint Jar full of them!!! from Recy (one of my long-time faves when it comes to vintage etsy shops!!!) $10: 4) Milk Glass: you do have to be careful when buying this without touching (or tapping it rather). Oftentimes, folks mistake ordinary white glass or Pyrex as milk glass so buyer beware!!!
-Salt & Pepper Shakers from
Accessory Addiction - Check it out guys, these are only $1 with $5 shipping!!! She has loads of fabulous other VERY AFFORDABLE things in her shop with several items marked as my faves so please check it out! One of the best vintage etsy stores I've seen in a very long time!!! :) -Deco Cosmetic Jar from Gizmos $3.50: -Complete punch bowl set = DIVINE from Jenglo $100: 5) Vintage Jewelry: I can't get enough! From beads to broaches, even crazy clip on earrings!
-Yellow Bakelite Bangle from
Sassypantsgrrl $25:-Plastic Bubblegum Pink Necklace from VintageStarrBeads only $3.75: -Super Gaudy and Fun Broach and Pin set from Little of Everything $19: 6) Tins: I love the fact that these are useful for anything: dry goods in the kitchen, makeup on the vanity, plants, sewing supplies - you get the idea, the possibilities are endless y'all!
-Doll sized fridge - sooooo cute from
DinasaurDryGoods $40:-Blue & White Toile Tin from Accessory Addiction again, just $6: -Instant collection from TheFantasyLamb $36:Happy Hunting! Let me know what you find! :)

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CandaceAshley said...

I like your top 10 vintage collectibles, I would love to be able to collect the broaches and the boxes! Oh and the hankies!