Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Yo-Yo Ideas. . .(and other scrapy crafts)
Yes, as a matter of fact I am indeed obsessed! I love being as "green" as possible by using absolutely every square inch of my scrap fabrics.So it started with the Yo-Yos (which are called "Suffolk Puffs" in the UK - how cute!?!?!?):Now I've moved on to making fabric wreaths as well. Check out these lovelies:
Finally, I'm at the stage where I've started to look for other crafts to do with bits of fabric (as if I needed a longer list of projects):
Oh wow! I've overwhelmed myself!!! Moreover, I'm in love with this:Scrap happens guys, make good use of it and have a wonderful week! xoxoxo

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CandaceAshley said...

AHHH I love this post, like I am in love with it! I tell you what, I need to get sewing!! I adore the tiny wreath on the red door. I am in love!