Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little Something Asianphoto from Style Court
I'm inspired by Odi et Amo this morning - check out her lovely post on Chinoiserie when you have the time please, you won't be disappointed! image from red egg
My mother has always told me that you should have something Asian in your home-it brings good luck, it creates whimsy, and it insures that your style is not monotonous by throwing in something unexpected. I've always agreed with her but as I look around my home I realize, I haven't done that at all. Now I do have a few lovely plates in my kitchen but the rest of the house is totally void of Asian accents, something I must remedy soon!
Odi (or her guest blogger rather) suggests the following pieces:
1) A Chinese Chippendale chair:(my selections are from Jonathan Adler, Drake on 1st Dibs, and Tracy Porter)
absolutely exquisite in canary yellow:(image from Elle Decor)
2) A garden stool:(my selections are from Amazon, Lamps Plus, Gumps and Pearl River)
3) A Chinese screen:(from Gracie on 1st Dibs)
4) Blue & White Porcelain:(my selections are from Beggar's Pouch on Etsy, and Pearl River)
(let's face it, this is always a classic but in my house I've chosen to go with a pink version of transfer-ware instead, with castles mind you):I do always love the black and white or any other Chinese porcelain as well:(from Amazon)
5) Chinoiserie fabric:(my selections are from Highstreet Market on Etsy, Thibaut, and Waverly on Interior Mall)
6) Blanc de Chine:(my selections are from 1st stop retro shop, Gumps and Porter & Plunk)
7) Foo Dogs! (my favourite element of an Asian-inspired room)!!! Either of these would work in my house:(from Byrd Shop)
8) Pagoda Motif ANYTHING!:(my selections are from David Skinner Antiques, Circa Who, The Elemental Garden, and Pagoda Red - all on 1st dibs)
9) Bamboo-I believe Odi meant faux bamboo - but I love just about everything from this grass, including the plant itself!:(my selections are from Pearl River, Moxie Thrift on Etsy, and Wisteria)bamboo plant image from here
10) Chinoiserie wallcoverings:image from here
There really is nothing out there as beautiful or as dainty and delicate in my opinion, mind you they cost a FORTUNE! I quite like Anthropologie's take on the subject:While we're discussing imports from the other side of the world, I've been head over heels for this company for ages. AGES I tell you!!!:One of those fabulous companies who's products are only available to the trade - - -I need a client to give me an excuse to set up an account and buy buy buy!
Back to the list, let me add just a few other elements:
11) Buddha (a MUST!):(my selections are from Pearl River and The Room Next to Your's on Etsy)
12) Rice paper lighting: ( my selections are from Pearl River)
13) A lovely antique silk hanging of some sort. Rank badges, for instance are wonderful and look great framed:(my selection is from Showcase Antiques)
Wrapping it all up, we have to make sure we've covered all of the five elements of Feng Shui in our room*****.
*Wood-got that with the Faux Bois
*Fire-candles in the rice paper lanterns count and anything red-for instance, in fabric counts as well.
*Earth-terra cota works as does porcelain so we've got that covered
14) *Metal-lovely bookendsfrom Birds Nest and Paper on Etsy
So the only thing we've left out is *Water - the last element.
15) How about one of these perhaps:Koi fish print from Ballard Designs
or a fountain of some sort - I love the water and bell from Gumps, lovely and soft!Last but not least - I just have to throw this in because I found it while searching and it is absolutely FABULOUS!(from Pagoda Red on 1st Dibs)
Ok, off to wash a few loads of clothes and vacuum before church, this post took entirely too long as I just got carried away!
Y'all have a wonderful Sunday my darlings!!!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

oh this is where I've been going wrong....I don't have anything asian in my house! I have got to get something immediately and turn my luck around. Love that pagoda chandelier...that would do.

I have chopsticks from Pei Wei....does that count? I think not. I better make a little trip to the Asian Market not far from my house and pick up a little buddha or something....lord knows I need some good luck.

Meander said...

lol clearly I do too! ok, what you gonna buy? :)

Alexandria ♥ said...

super post.
I love oriental.
A lot.
Will try and do a post.
Alex ♥