Monday, June 14, 2010

RaNDom pHoTo #29:I've been known to hastily copy photos from various locations on the internet and not save them along with a coordinating website name. . .it is my tragic flaw. I'm sorry. However, if you happen to know where any of the random photos first came from or if the loveliness happens to be yours please please please let me know so I can give credit where its due. Thanks doll!


Deliciously Organized said...

gorgeous doors!

Alexandria ♥ said...

I agree, love double doors....but I think I would have to paint or clean the bottom of them, or maybe paint them another color so as to highlight the unusual windows etc.
It was fun dishing on Hooked on houses last night. : )

Meander said...

I agree Alexandria - I think when I found these they were in Brazil, somewhere in a city: beauty amongst crazy metropolis. Painted something like a soft yellow with the white trim would be very pretty indeed!!!