Saturday, June 12, 2010

Petite HousesI'm always so overwhelmed by the loveliness on Apartment Therapy's small house tours> how can 365 sq ft be this cute when I'm so frustrated and claustrophobic with 900 sq ft?Moreover, I think the bigger question would be: why am I the world's greatest designer for my clients and completely inept when it comes to designing for myself? I don't get it.
Ok, here's another great one:The thing that always trips me up is color - - - "just because the space is tight don't mean yo colors can't be bright!": this will be my new motto so watch out!!!
I can't get enough of these house tours, really really really love this one:and you know how I feel about "GREY" lately, so I love this one too:Last one I promise, we just couldn't have this whole discussion without me showing this one:The bottom line is that maybe I'm just a bad space planner, yeah, that's right I went ahead and said it. OH WELL! I'm gonna go work on changing that now, y'all have a great weekend!!!


Finds said...

absolutely smashing post, my dear!!
Saw your comment on facebook for get your housing fix.
You are so creative.

CandaceAshley said...

I think this is what I visualize your home looking like one day! This is a great entry, love it!