Thursday, April 01, 2010

Victorian Business Homeimage found here
I visited an architectural firm in Greensboro today that is housed in a beautiful old white Victorian home. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a business in a setting such as that - inspiration for miles! A'la "Designing Women"
Here's a few houses that could work: (all found here)Sanger, Texas: $225,000New Hartford, Connecticut: $949,000Tarpon Springs, Florida: $1,195,000Douglas, Georgia: $300,000 - this one is a steal! Just look at the interiors and you'll agree:Eldora, Iowa: $179,999 - apparently this one was in the movie "Twister"!Columbus, Mississippi: $1,125,000 -I think the "Arcade" is the best part of this one, other than the Spanish moss that you get for free!Belvidere, New Jersey: $629,000 Calvert, Texas: $225,000 - this one might be my favourite. Why? Because it is pink of course!!!Here are some other pink painted ladies (not for sale unfortunately)
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Lovely aren't they?


the paris apartment said...

Hi! Just popping, in, these are lovely! I have to go cause i don't know how to shut off the music and someone's sleeping!

beki said...

Um, yes please! I'd take any of them in a snap :-)