Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I NEEDED New Shoes!
Last week while travelling for work I lost one of those rubbery things on the bottom of my favourite pair of black heels. The problem with this was that the opposite heel had already lost its rubbery thing a few weeks ago. So I'm walking along (downtown Chapel Hill) almost breaking my neck while looking like a total idiot and not meandering in the typical heel to toe sexy fashion when it dawns on me that I NEED new shoes. Heartbreaking isn't it? Its just that between my hours being cut at work, trying to get my side business back up and running, attempting to re-decorate, organize and slim-down my cute little rental house I just haven't been able to justify the purchase of new black heels. However, I broke down, stopped at Payless, and bought these:
Cute for $24.99 huh?
Now if only I could inadvertently break or damage my entire collection of purses so that I could justify the purchase of this:Its Lela Rose, whom I love and adore. Its $29.99. . .Easter present Momma??? :)

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