Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday ROSES!!!
"From the thorn bush comes forth the rose"
old Jewish proverb
Poet's Summer's Spring Bird's Charm Bracelet $59.99:
The Mason Jar's Vintage Crepe Roses $3.00:
Andy's Eye Candy's Pink and Green Rose Set $10.00:
"It is at the edge of the petal that love waits"
William Carlos Williams
The Cottage Cupboard's Soft Rose Clutches $30.00 each:
Peaches for Me's Tangerine Rose Ring $8.00:
Dirty Sanchez's Rose Colored Soap $6.50 btw you HAVE to read her descriptions on the products, absolutely hilarious!!!:
Divine Rose's Yellow Dangle Earrings $24.00:
"A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses"
author unknown
I'm crossing my fingers that my darling bff Kate will have a little girl at the end of the summer so I can help dress her up in lovely little items like Nuxie Made's beanies $28.00:
Bella Sera Design's Birthday wish card $3.25:
MyissaG's crocheted shower puff $6.00 - can't wait to order one of these!!!:
High above the valley of Quito
an old man and his bride grow roses
Red and yellow, white and golden
to him, they are precious as children
Their daughter, she moved to America
One more break in the tower of Babel
She has a son that they've never seen at all
They're praying that they raised her well
On the mountain high they will live and die
As time just slips away
And the children grown
in the God they know
As time just slips away
A man, his bride, his children and his roses
Planted in faith
and Watered in tears
honey, that's all they have
and they're happier here
than any of my friends back home
They met Jesus and they really know him
Now I'm back at home
all alone
and I'm trying to find my thoughts
of that old man so inspiring
and the TVs always on
and the phone, it won't stop ringing
These bills, they keep on screaming
I'm paying for the things
we never really need
Wonder what he's doing right now?
Maybe walking through his simple field
thinking about how
God has blessed him so
A man, his bride, his children, and his roses
Caedmon's Call - "The Roses"

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