Friday, April 03, 2009

Etsy Bitsy Polka Dots
I'll refrain from finishing the title by mentioning the upcoming bathing suit season. Maybe at one point I'll do a post on bikinis but I promise today is NOT that point. Instead, I think we should discuss the plethora of fun dotted items at etsy.
1st seller-Rick Rack Queen:
Oilcloth Sandwich bags:
Lunch bags:
(with polka dot lining):
Checkbook covers:
2nd seller-Meringue's shop:
Coconut Cupcake wristlet:
dear miss Meringue has some other lovely (non polka dotted) things as well and best of all, they're on sale! so check um out babies!:
Coconut Cocktail:
Black Sesame Seed:
Raspberry Liquorice:
3rd seller - Teresa Mckevitt:
Birdie artwork:
4th seller - Shnury:
Adorable turquoise dotted camera bag:
Air force blue dotted camera bag:
Yummy, right? As always, new items seem to be added practically every minute to the Etsy website, so do a search and see what lovely polka dotted fun you can find. Please let me know if it is extra special!!!
Happy Friday Ya'll!

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