Saturday, February 14, 2009

Victorian Love!I'm not sure if you remember Victoria Magazine and admittedly it might be way too girly and traditional for most of you, but I absolutely adore it. The publishers stopped it years ago, but brought it back again last year. I hope it sticks with us this time!
Their website needs some work, but having that said, look what I found here:
Isn't it just adorable!?!?
Years and years ago when I worked at a florist, I met the loveliest of people who shared my passion for all things Victorian (this was wayyyy before the term 'shabby chic' could be found everywhere, even at Target). Alice was the floral designer and she honestly was one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, both inside and out. She wore her incredibly long dark hair in a high chignon, an intricately carved cross around her neck, and always wore long skirts and beautiful lacey (but very modest) blouses. Soft spoken as she was, she could make a grown man weep when she asked whom we were sending flowers to. She taught me loads more than my art professors about composition, texture, and colour.
image found here
More than anything I think she evoked such an incredibly sweet and loving spirit (to absolutely everyone, strangers included) that even now when I picture what I want to be like she pops into my mind.
image found here
When I went away to university she decided that she had to have me over to her house for tea before I left. I was in pure heaven! Fresh flowers in every room, white lace draped on every available surface and the smell of pink roses in the air, exactly what I'd pictured and exactly what I wanted one day for myself.
image found here
So I've decided, when I get old...I want to be just like Alice.
I want to wear hats like these:
And garden in things like this:
I'll still wear bangles of course, only they'll be more intricate like these:
And instead of classic black, I'll carry my laptop in this:
I'll have a sofa that looks like this:
or this:
And I'll keep my clothes in something daintily pretty like this:
I'll put my makeup on while sitting here:
And carry my groceries in this:
I'll make and drink my cocktails with these:
And cuddle up with pillows and blankets like these:
In the winter I'll wear gloves like these:
And coats like these:
I'll be old of course, so I'll carry my pills in these:
And I'll blow my nose with these, and offer you one when you sneeze:
I might even grow my hair back out so I can wear these:
I'll have pet birds. And they'll live in something like this:
I'll write letters instead of emails on stationary that looks like these:
And I'll get my stamps from something like this:
In the summer I'll grow flowers that look like this:
And when I cook I'll wear aprons like this:
I'll listen to my music on this:
And when you come to visit we'll drink iced tea from this:
In fact, we'll sit on my wrap-around porch that looks like this:
image found here
And fan ourselves with these:
I'll wear something like this:
And we sit on a perfect little swing like this:
Oh and I'll send valentine's cards that look like this:
I think its a bit too early to start dressing and decorating like a Victorian lady, don't you think?
Except of course on my wedding day when I wear something extravagantly gorgeous like this:
Or this:
In the mean time, I have to keep looking for a frog prince that can stand me decked head to toe in Victoriana in my old age.
(all gorgeous items above found at Victorian Trading Company)
I can still buy the magazine though, right? Ok ok, maybe I'll settle for just enjoying the website :)
Happy Sweetheart Day!!!

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