Thursday, February 12, 2009

The new porch for my favourite/least favourite client:
My mom is the best mom ever. Having that said, she's the worse client ever. Why? Well, she doesn't pay me by the hour (at least not in monetary means). No, just kidding - she gives me more encouragement, advice and love than any mom ever could hope to give their child. But she drives me crazy at the same time. She doesn't listen to my design advice. Its my sincerest hope that now, after I've publicly embarrassed her, she'll listen to me on the subject of her porch.
Even if she doesn't, I'll keep trying (she's made me tenacious so she has no one to blame but herself as far as that goes)
Here's my attempt:
Paint the floor white (or at least a lighter shade of grey)
Paint the wicker a lovely charcoal colour
Paint the front door red
Paint the ceiling light blue
Make red pillows and ticking cushions
Plant more geraniums (red ones!)
And with any luck, by summer your porch will look like this:

That's my design advice, take it or leave it, I'll still love you!!!

Fabulous porch found at Better Homes and Gardens

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