Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kitty Wigs
I'm telling you right now, when you really need a laugh, this is gonna be the post you come back to. Freaking hilarious, it drives me crazy in fact - I giggle for hours because of this: and this:
and especially this:
but then, it gets even better because now they have a flickr group just for insane people who like to use this method to humanely torture their furry friends. I LOVE IT!
The genius behind these head props is the same fabulous woman behind Subversive Cross Stitch. This particular lovely is going to be a divine Christmas present for a couple of my favourites :
It fits their personalities, don't you think?
As for decorating the kitten, well he does that on his own - case in point, his new dress:
Note: what's worse than the crazy cat lady? the crazy cat man!!!! ladies, be aware of this male and stay away stay far far away!!!
More to come this weekend, cross my heart and kiss my elbow!!!

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