Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flickr Fun
Is it just me or is Flickr really one of the greatest sites ever developed. Of course some people won't let you steal their pics. to post to your website, but every now and then you find some fabulous person who doesn't mind as long as you give them credit.
Here are some of my favourites today, hope you like!
"Hello Handsome" from my bff kate.haynes:
"Heaven's Tree" from bitzi:
"High Summer at the Quirky Cottage" from *susie*:
Amazing Peony "10.000" from white red flower:
"My Talking Bird" from little miss sunshine:
"Eastern NC Corn" from my bff kelleymac2001:
"Cat Stairs" from fofura'sfelines:
"Who needs orange?" from melissann:
"Jewel Chair" from CruisAir:
and finally, one of my personal favourites from ME!:
I think I realized while doing this particular post that this blog has become so much more to me than just a design platform and I guess I really am proud of that. Its a perfect avenue for me to share my life with anyone and everyone who wants to listen. I think I've also realized in the past few days, that not everyone has the capacity to be so open and let people/love in. That's really truly a sad state to be in, so thank God I'm not scurred he he he. . .ya'll are welcome any time.

I need some more friends on flickr though - please please please comment with a link to your site. . .I'd love to be able to keep this sort of post updated from time to time, so help me out a bit guys!!!

Note: The first photo is "I Can See You!" from tripowski.

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CruisAir said...

I agree with you, flickr really is a cool site and it's great to be able to share some of people's great work on blogs like your's.
I am glad you liked my photo and featured it here. Out of curiousity: how did you find my photo?
Keep up the great job with your blog,
regards from Amsterdam,