Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reasons Why. . .the new obsession:
I'm in love with Pandora. If ya'll don't know what this is, you have seriously missed the boat. No worries, I actually just caught up to the boat about a week ago. Basically you type in a musical artist and it creates an endless radio station just suited perfectly for you with similar musicians. It's pure perfection I tell you. FREE!

According to Kelley once you've used it for awhile it will create a unique radio station with all your varying genres. I'm not really sure I would be as excited over a Nickel Creek, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Avett Brothers, Beatles, Alicia Keys, Lily Allen station. Actually its sort of weird come to think of it. Wow my taste in music is absurdly obnoxious! Anyway, check it!:
Reasons Why - Nickel Creek:
Where am I today?
I wish that I knew
'Cause looking around there's no sign of you
I don't remember one jump or one leap
Just quiet steps away from your lead
I'm holding my heart out but clutching it too
Feeling this short of a love that we once knew

I'm calling this home when it's not even close
Playing the role with nerves left exposed
Standing on a darkened stage,
stumbling through the lines

Others have excuses,
but I have my reasons why
We get distracted by dreams of our own
But nobody's happy while feeling alone
And knowing how hard it hurts when we fall
We lean another ladder against the wrong wall
And climb high to the highest rung,
to shake fists at the sky

While others have excuses,
I have my reasons why

With so much deception it's hard not to wander away
It's hard not to wander away

P to the S - Today's photos are from the most perfect Kate I know, hope you enjoy!

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kate said...

hey hey that looks like the place I live! :)